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Making The Internet Work For You: How To Become An Overnight Sensation

The Internet is an incredible thing. Everyone uses it, and if push came to shove, it would be a struggle to survive without it. For many, going online involves contacting friends and checking what’s going on in the world. But the Internet is also a really effective resource for making a name for yourself. Are you a singer or do you play in a band? Are you a budding artist or an ambitious blogger? If so, take these tips on board to make the Internet work for you. You could be the next overnight sensation. Image credit Making a name for yourself Have you been rehearsing in your spare room or garage for the last few years? If so, you could be the best band in the world, but you’ll never crack the charts. If nobody knows who you are, you’re not going to sell records or gig tickets. The key to success in any career path is making a name for yourself. In the past, it was incredibly tough to get people to hear your music o

The Joys of Beautiful Stationery

If you think that stationery is just for kids ‘back to school’- you’re seriously missing out! Not only can you get some beautiful designs, but it’s incredibly useful as an adult too. In a world where we’re all so busy, it’s a great way to keep us organized. Here are some of the different types of beautiful stationery items out there. Photo source Paper Products Notebooks, diaries, Filofaxes, calendars, post-it notes- not only do these things look beautiful when they’re neatly arranged at your desk, but they also keep you organized too. Whether it’s writing out your daily to-do list or shopping list, keeping appointments, planning meetings or working out your bills- these kinds of products are really useful to have. It’s true that you can save this kind of information online, or use apps or computer programs. But often it’s a lot quicker and easier to put pen to paper instead. The act of writing things out actually helps you to remember them better. Plus, you know you’re n

Make Your Fear Of The Night Shift A Thing Of The Past With These Tips!

If you are a shift worker, you are just one of millions of people who makes up 3.2 percent of America’s workforce. Shift-based jobs can take many different forms - from truck drivers, to factory workers, to police officers, to bar staff. These types of shifts are referred to in popular culture as the 'graveyard shift'. This doesn't mean to say that your job is boring, or that you don't enjoy it. In fact, one of the reasons people take shift work is because they simply love the job that they do. In these instances, working unsociable hours is a sacrifice they are happy to take. But even in this scenario, shift work can be extremely demanding, especially if you have a family. Chances are, you will need to be asleep when your family are awake, and vice versa. This makes it extremely difficult to lead a 'normal' life - plus you are likely to feel a significant effect on your health. But, shift work can be coped with - as long as you know how to handle it. I

Business Boss Essentials: When Employees Collide

The job of being a boss can be many things. It can be rewarding, watching a plan come together to a successful conclusion. It can be lonely, being the focus of ire for a set of employees who are dealing with more than work related issues. It can be exciting, nurturing a new team and looking on as they produce results. It can be exhausting, working long hours to make sure success happens. It can be all of these things in the course of about fifteen minutes sometimes, which means it can also be overwhelming. But as the boss, you are not in a position to complain, run away or palm your duties off to someone else. You just need to get on with it. And sometimes, things happen suddenly that need prompt action. How calm can you be in a crisis? Because as a boss, that's where the biggest tests are. Dealing With A Clash Image From: PixaBay When managing a team of people, it is inevitable that from time to time there will be bickering. And while a certain amount of competitive r

Bouncing Back From Heartbreak: Practical Steps To Help You Heal

Breakups can take their toll, even if you’ve known your relationship wasn’t working for a long time. It can be really tough to be with someone. But it can be even harder to be without them. If you’re recovering from relationship breakdown, here are some steps you can take to help you bounce back. Image from Taking time out We all react to difficult situations differently. Some of us maroon ourselves far from civilization turning to junk food and Netflix to get us through. Some of us cry for days on end. Some of us try desperately to soldier on and keep busy. Whatever your way of coping, make sure you take time out. There’s no need to feel like you need to get back to normal straight away. It can take a long time to get over a breakup, so don’t rush. Take every day as it comes. Some days, you may feel fine. Others, it may hit you like a ton of bricks. Seeing the positives They say every cloud has a silve

Take Over the Internet Today! Check Out This Guide

Pixabay Most people are online because they’re bored. They want to read this article and that article, or watch YouTube videos, basically to pass the time. Some people, however, are online because they want to leave a mark. They want to make their presence known to the world. And the Internet provides a great opportunity to pursue this dream. There could be several reasons someone would want to do this. Maybe they’re running a business and want to bring more attention to the company. Maybe they’re looking to turn their online adventures into a source of income . Whatever the reason, here are some essential tips. Pixabay Come up with a plan You need to start thinking about what it is you want to get across to people. Remember that whatever you put online can basically by retained and remembered forever. (This is called your digital footprint.) So from the beginning, you need to be careful. Think carefully about the personality you want to develop. About the sort of co

Treat Yourself To The Ultimate Pamper Night At Home

Fall is a magical time of year. Changing leaves, bonfire parties, awesome fashion trends and delicious hot drinks are just a few of the reasons to savour and enjoy the season. But what we all seem to forget when we’re waiting for fall to roll back around, is just how tough the colder weather can be on our bodies. It’s not long before hands start feeling dry and sore, lips get chapped, skin dries out and hair looks as though it’s seen better days. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to prevent all of this from happening- and that's by having regular pamper nights using all of your favorite products . These are the perfect way to enjoy a little ‘me time’ and relax and unwind, plus you’ll look and feel a lot better afterward too. Here’s how to have the ultimate pamper night at home. Photo link Hair Start by putting a pre-wash treatment in your hair. This could be a store bought hair mask, a rich hair oil or a homemade treatment. You can whip up really great masks y

Getting On The Job! Careers That Don't Need Qualifications

It can be difficult to try and find the right career when you don't have the right qualifications. There are careers where you can train while being on the job. It  has become more commonplace since the recession that people have gone to jobs as an apprentice or training while doing the job itself. As people cannot always afford the time or the luxury of going on a course or going to university then this is the best option. There are many benefits to working on the job. Apart from pay itself, you get a more valuable experience from working in the environment. Instead of sitting in a training room or a lecture theatre! When it comes to working in a job there needs to be an option for progression or moving up the ladder. There are many careers where you can train on the job or require minimal qualifications while  still being able to progress, and here are a few. Carer Flickr There are many options when it comes to being a carer . You could look after disabled people. You c