Don't Let Sore Knees Stop You From Working Out

When starting a new fitness regime, it’s not uncommon for you to experience a few aches and pains. Your knee joints, in particular, can feel sore after an extensive workout. But if you don’t know how to manage this pain effectively, it can become worse over time. You may even begin to cause damage to your cartilage which can intensify our pain and affect your mobility. This can make even walking short distances a difficult challenge. While knee pain is often unavoidable, there are things you can do that allow you to continue working out and deal with your pain. So read through this expert advice to find out how.

Start stretching
Stretching should be an integral aspect of your pre and post workout. It enhances flexibility, promotes faster recovery and helps to build stronger muscles. But it can also be a fantastic way of alleviating your pain. Hamstring and quadricep stretches have been found to release tension and stress in the knee joints. So practice these stretches daily to get your knees back to their pain-free state. But try to avoid overstretching at all costs, as this can cause pulled muscles. For additional support during your stretching, you might want to consider wearing a copper infused knee brace too. This can make you feel more comfortable and reduce the pain you might be experiencing.

Don’t gain weight
While you might want to stop doing any form of exercise when your knees feel sore, this can make it easier for you to gain weight. Gaining even a small amount of weight can add more stress to your knee joints. This can make them feel even sorer and uncomfortable to walk on. So even if you are only able to walk at the moment, this is better than doing nothing at all. You should also keep a check on what food you are consuming during this time. Make sure your diet has plenty of fruit and vegetables and remember to drink plenty of water too. This will not only make you feel better but can also make your body feel stronger.

Listen to your body
If you start to experience pain and discomfort in your knees while you exercise, it’s vital that you listen to your body. This is your body telling you that your joints are currently under too much stress. While it might be tempting to ignore these signs, this could make your condition worse and increase the risk of injury. So instead of trying to push your limits, use the pain to help you set boundaries. Try out different forms of exercises during your workout to see what your knee joints can endure without pain. If a particular type of exercise is causing you extensive pain, refrain from doing it immediately. It may take some time for you to get your fitness levels back to where they were previously. So remember that patience is key.

If your knees continue to feel painful and sore after using this advice, make an appointment with your doctor. Do this as soon as possible to avoid the risk of causing more extensive damage to your joints.

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