Getting On The Job! Careers That Don't Need Qualifications

It can be difficult to try and find the right career when you don't have the right qualifications. There are careers where you can train while being on the job. It  has become more commonplace since the recession that people have gone to jobs as an apprentice or training while doing the job itself. As people cannot always afford the time or the luxury of going on a course or going to university then this is the best option. There are many benefits to working on the job. Apart from pay itself, you get a more valuable experience from working in the environment. Instead of sitting in a training room or a lecture theatre! When it comes to working in a job there needs to be an option for progression or moving up the ladder. There are many careers where you can train on the job or require minimal qualifications while  still being able to progress, and here are a few.

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There are many options when it comes to being a carer. You could look after disabled people. You could look after old age pensioners. Or you could work with underprivileged children or the homeless. With so many avenues to go down as a carer the career options are endless. And getting into care doesn't require qualifications. All that they ask sometimes is if you've had personal experience or so the right attitude towards helping people.

The great thing about being a carer is that you are helping people to live their lives much more fuller than they are used to. For example, if you work with disabled people, whether they have a mental or physical disability. You could be helping them complete tasks that are simple or easy for the vast majority of us. But for them is a big mountain to climb. It is incredibly fulfilling to work as a carer in this capacity. This is because you are helping someone achieve independence when they never used to have any. For example, if you help someone complete a task as basic as feeding themselves when they were never able to do it before. It is incredibly fulfilling.

In terms of career progression, having experience in working in care experience of working in care opens doors for you to work as a social worker or to run your own care home.

Working as a carer is incredibly challenging but it is also incredibly fulfilling at the same time. If you want a career that will challenge you mentally and physically as well as feeling you've completed a hard day's work then this is a career that will benefit you.

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Another career with a tough atmosphere is working in a kitchen for any restaurant.The norm with working in a kitchen is long and unsociable hours and is a high stress environment. As diners we underestimate the effort that chefs and cooks put into getting food onto your plate. We don't see what goes on behind the scenes. The precision in which chefs and cooks work makes for a very high pressure environment. When it comes to ordering a meal that is complex you never have to wait too long in comparison to when you cook it at home. So what goes on behind the scenes is a combination of skill, timing and incredible focus.

When it comes to career progression it doesn't require qualifications. People start their career in the cooking business by working a menial job such as a dishwasher or someone that chops up the vegetables. They then work up the ladder (or food chain) to become sous chef, which is the second in command to the head chef. They supervise the staff and assume role of head chef if there are any issues, for example, illness. Finally after working their way up the ladder, they end up as head chef. As head chef, they run the kitchen, and choose the menus and food to serve.

Working as a chef in a great way to combine your love of food and your working life. The downside to this is that you won't ever want to cook at home ever again!

Dental Assistant
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Training in dentistry is something that normally requires years at university. But if you wish to work as a dental assistant then this can be side stepped. The duties of a dental assistant are varied. Such as administrative tasks including scheduling and confirming appointments. Also updating patient records or ordering dental supplies. It could also stretch to clinical duties such as handing the tools to the dentist during treatment or examinations. Also operating devices such as suction, processing X-rays or scans. As well as making impressions for dental fixtures .

In terms of qualifications, it depends what state you are in, some states do not require certificates well as some require training. But this is not as long as it would take to be trained as a dentist. Being a dental assistant is lucrative because of the pay but also the career progression. After so you or branch out into medical hygiene or similar careers. Is this something that may interest you? If so, visit for more information on training as a dental assistant.

Running Your Own Business
Last, but by no means least. Running your own business, in some respects is one of the easier approaches to make career progression work for you. If you have a skill or a talent that you haven't used, then why don't you make a business out of it? Many people make a good living out of embroidery, knitting, sewing or just selling items from their loft.

The benefits to running your own business are many, such as dictating your own hours and the luxury of working from home. The issue with running your own business is that it's not a quick way to earn money. Many businesses do struggle in the first year. But if you have a business that is unique enough and you know how to advertise it well, the payoff can be very lucrative.

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