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The Joys of Beautiful Stationery

If you think that stationery is just for kids ‘back to school’- you’re seriously missing out! Not only can you get some beautiful designs, but it’s incredibly useful as an adult too. In a world where we’re all so busy, it’s a great way to keep us organized. Here are some of the different types of beautiful stationery items out there.


Paper Products
Notebooks, diaries, Filofaxes, calendars, post-it notes- not only do these things look beautiful when they’re neatly arranged at your desk, but they also keep you organized too. Whether it’s writing out your daily to-do list or shopping list, keeping appointments, planning meetings or working out your bills- these kinds of products are really useful to have. It’s true that you can save this kind of information online, or use apps or computer programs. But often it’s a lot quicker and easier to put pen to paper instead. The act of writing things out actually helps you to remember them better. Plus, you know you’re not going to have your whole calendar or notepad wiped due to a technical fault on your device! As the old saying goes, if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. If you do better having your notes or information in front of you using pen and paper, then there’s no reason to switch. Let's face it, a beautiful large wall calendar, for example, is always going to be easier to navigate around than a tiny little app on your phone. Decide on the products you’re most likely to get your use out of and invest in those. You could co-ordinate your pieces to either your home office or your handbag (depending on where you keep them). Plus, choosing beautifully made products will make you more inspired to use them!

Other Stationery Accessories
Other useful pieces of stationery for your home office include a hole punch, a stapler, a calculator, scissors, tape, paperclips and pushpins. There are some beautiful looking pieces out there that can really dress up your desk as well as being practical. Perspex and metallic items such as those in Kate Spade’s Strike Gold range look chic, and are the kind of thing that would work with any color decor. There are less expensive alternatives available on the high street too. These are useful if you aren't looking to spend as much, but they still look a lot nicer than your average office stationery. To keep everything looking tidy and beautiful, good storage is crucial. Pen holders, drawer dividers, mini drawers or even baskets help to keep everything in order. Again this just helps you to keep organized and stay on top of everything. Docking/ charging stations for your phone and tablet are another way to keep everything looking neat and get messy cables out of the way.


Wedding Stationery
Choosing the paper products for your wedding is always going to be fun when you love stationery! Save the date cards from Pure Invitation are good looking examples. Wedding stationery also includes things like invitations, RSVPs, wedding programs, table numbers and place cards. It’s a way to show a little bit of creativity and another way to incorporate your wedding colors on the day. You could browse through beautifully made pieces and have them printed up with your details on. Alternatively, you could speak to a designer from somewhere like Etsy and have them put together a custom design. If you’re a crafty or creative kind of person, you could even have a go at designing them yourself. There are a few online programmes you could use, or if you’re skilled with Photoshop start something from scratch. Since it’s all about having a good, high-quality finish- have them printed up on some heavy paper. If your home printer isn’t up to the job, you could get them professionally printed. Whatever direction you choose, be sure to do your research and go with a design you love. This is something you and your guests will be seeing from the invite to the wedding right the way through to the thank you cards afterward.


Beautiful stationery is always a good investment, whether it’s to get more organized at home or to wow your guests at your wedding. When everything is now online, it’s important not to lose the beauty in these traditional methods. Something like a hand written thank your card, for example, is always going to be more meaningful than an email or social media post! If you’ve transitioned your life organization onto your computer and find it annoying or a struggle, it might be worth taking it back to traditional pen and paper!

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