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Treat Yourself To The Ultimate Pamper Night At Home

Fall is a magical time of year. Changing leaves, bonfire parties, awesome fashion trends and delicious hot drinks are just a few of the reasons to savour and enjoy the season. But what we all seem to forget when we’re waiting for fall to roll back around, is just how tough the colder weather can be on our bodies. It’s not long before hands start feeling dry and sore, lips get chapped, skin dries out and hair looks as though it’s seen better days. Thankfully there are a few things you can do to prevent all of this from happening- and that's by having regular pamper nights using all of your favorite products. These are the perfect way to enjoy a little ‘me time’ and relax and unwind, plus you’ll look and feel a lot better afterward too. Here’s how to have the ultimate pamper night at home.


Start by putting a pre-wash treatment in your hair. This could be a store bought hair mask, a rich hair oil or a homemade treatment. You can whip up really great masks yourself just by using common kitchen ingredients. Banana, avocado, olive oil and eggs all make excellent additions. Whizz everything up in a blender and apply it to dry or slightly dampened hair, a few hours before getting in the bath. Once you have your hair mask on, wrap your hair in plastic wrap. Not only will this stop it from getting everywhere, but the heat from your head will help to open the shaft of the hair. This then allows your chosen treatment to get in their and hydrate each strand more efficiently. After a few hours, rinse it all out and follow up with your regular shampoo and conditioner. A post-wash treatment such as a conditioning spray or some argan oil run through the ends will finish everything off and give it a stunning shine.

Before getting into the bath, use a body brush to ‘dry brush’ your skin. This helps to remove dead skin, improve circulation and help the body to excrete toxins trapped in the skin. A hair removal wax will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. Use a body exfoliator while you’re in the bath or shower, and then use a body butter to replenish moisture afterward. Don’t forget to treat your hands and feet too. Giving them a soak, and then moisturizing and painting your nails will make you feel much fresher and more put together.

Start by cleaning your face using micellar water and some cotton pads. This will remove the surface layer of makeup and grime. With this gone, you can then go on and do a full double cleanse. The first cleanse should be done with an oil based product. This is because ‘like attracts like’ and using oil will actually help to remove excess oil from your skin. The second cleanse should be done with a cleansing milk, gel or foam formula which will remove everything else. With your skin thoroughly clean, you can then go in a third time with an exfoliating product. This will sweep away any dead skin cells, making your complexion look more glowing and vibrant. You can then apply a face mask which is targeted to your specific skin complaint. It could be a clay mask to draw out any further impurities, a hydrating mask or a sheet mask.

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