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Kick-Starting Your Metabolism: How To Beat That Weight Loss Plateau!

Have you been going to the gym and eating healthily week in, week out, and suddenly you've stopped seeing results? Or, maybe you've yet to see any results at all from your new-found health kick. This can be incredibly frustrating and disappointing, especially when you are putting your all into it. However, you don't need to panic. This kind of thing is known as a 'weight loss plateau' and is extremely common. In fact, most people who are dieting and exercising regularly will experience it - you are lucky if you don't! It happens for a number of different reasons, and these can change from person to person. But essentially, it is because human bodies are resistant to change, and also because the weight loss process slows down as you creep closer to your goal. So what exactly can be done to prevent this? Here are some top tips to help shift your weight-loss plateau.

Be vigilant
This point certainly doesn't apply to everyone. But, many people have a tendency to slightly relax their diets as soon as they notice things going well. A lot of the time this is subconscious and it is built into humans as a result of the 'reward culture'. When peole achieve something, such as losing a few pounds over two weeks, the notion of 'cheat day' allows them to treat themselves to a naughty snack. But, if you are not careful, it is easy to slip back into old habits when we have already started to lose weight. That slice of cake with your afternoon coffee won't do any harm once or twice a week - but eat it every day, and you could stall your progress. Keep a daily diary of everything you eat, especially food you consume when you're on-the-go.

Boost your metabolism
Sometimes, when you create a new habit, your metabolism starts to get used to it after time, meaning that it begins to slow down again. You will often see quick and drastic results when you first change your lifestyle due to the fact that your body was simply not expecting the change. After a while, however, the weight-loss process begins to even itself out. Whilst this is not unhealthy, there are a few ways you can help to kick-start your metabolism once again, should you wish to do so. You might find that you can achieve result through effective slimming pills, or sometimes eating spicy food can help recover your ability to burn fat. Eating more protein and drinking green tea are also said to help get your metabolism working faster again.

Change up your exercise routine
If you have flatlined when it comes to weight loss, it could be to do with your exercise routine as well as your diet. The best thing to do is to add a new dimension to your gym session and make sure you are always mixing things up. If you don't really do any cardio, try out making your workout half cardio and half weights - or vice versa. Trying something new such as suspension training or HIIT can also help to get your body back up and running again. Plus, it will keep you mentally stimulated too.

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