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Planning A Trip To Australia? Amazing Things Which Need To Be On Your To-Do List

When planning where in the world to travel to, it’s not surprising that Australia makes the top of people’s lists. After all, the country is a haven for travelers from around the world. There is so much to see and do in the many beautiful cities and towns. However, when people are planning a trip to Australia, they don’t know where to start. After all, there are so many brilliant things to see while in Aussie land. Here are a few amazing things which need to be on your to-do list when planning a trip to Australia.

You need to head to the amazing tower in Sydney
If you think of Australia, the city of Sydney is bound to spring to mind. With the iconic opera house and stunning beaches, it’s often a popular place for travelers to head to when they are visiting Australia. But a lot of people don’t realize that the Sydney Tower should also be on their to-do list. One of the best things about going up the tower is seeing the fantastic views of the city and beyond. And if you are brave enough, you should try the Skywalk, which is the tower’s outdoor platform. You get to see breathtaking 360-degree views of the popular city! While you are in the tower, you should also check out the 4D cinema experience which was the first of its kind in Australia! And there is even a buffet restaurant where you can dine while looking out at the extraordinary views.

You need to visit Cable Beach in Broome
A lot of people might be left perplexed if you mention Broome. After all, they might not have heard of the beach resort town in the Kimberley region. But it’s got one main reason for visiting; its 22 km-long Cable Beach! The amazing white sanded beach is often on the list of the top beaches in Australia. It’s idyllic for some sunbathing, or you can even enjoy some sunset camel rides. And with its gentle waves, it’s perfect for some swimming or surfing! And after spending some time on the beach, you could even arrange a trip to Kimberley; you can find great Kimberley tours from Broome online. With its stunning wilderness and epic waterways, it offers a great adventure for travelers!

You need to go to Fraser Island to do some whale watching
The world’s largest sand island, Fraser Island should be added to your to-do list. With amazing cliffs offering panoramic viewpoints, you are bound to get some fantastic pictures. And it’s also perfect for swimming at the lakes such as Lake McKenzie. A lot of people also head to the island to do some whale watching. In fact, Hervey Bay is often known as the whale watching capital of the world! Therefore, head on a boat tour to see close-up views of the amazing creatures. You can watch videos online of tourists enjoying whale watching on the island!

And if you need some help planning your trip, check out our previous blog for things to consider to ensure you have a fantastic time!

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