The Alternative Accommodations Every Malaysian Traveller Should Know About

When you’re travelling, you want to choose the best accommodation possible. Travelling is tiring work, after all! If you’re hiking Malaysian mountains all day, you want to know that you’ve got a comfortable bed at the end of the day. There are more options than you might realize. Depending on your needs, some options may be more suited to you than others. The standard accommodations can be pricey, especially if you’re on a long trip. Let’s take a look at what your choices are!

Hotels are the most common accommodation for the average traveler. There are real benefits to hotels. They’re easy to book, and there’s sure to be one in most locations you visit. A hotel is also great because you can keep your belongings there when you go out for the day! There are many top of the range hotels available in Malaysia that would be a real treat to stay in. The capital, Kuala Lumpa, would be a fantastic place to stay. The downside is that hotels can be pricey. You also have to worry about noisy neighbours who could ruin your plans for the next day. A way around this could be to enjoy a luxury villa with private pool in Malaysia. That way, you don’t have to worry about other people. This would be the perfect treat!

A new phenomenon, Airbnb is perfect for traveling. The idea with Airbnb is that people put up their spare rooms as b&bs and advertise them online. This is a cheaper option than your average hotel and comes with the bonus of being a portable way to travel. In less populated countries, you’re unlikely to find any rooms. This isn’t the perfect option for all locations. There are more rooms available than you would expect, though. Malaysian homes definitely offer their fair share. Planning an Airbnb for each location you travel to will allow you to stay mobile, for cheap. You also get to meet interesting people in the process, which is what traveling is all about, right?

If you like the idea of rustic traveling, glamping could be the perfect thing. Camping isn’t always practical or safe, and it won’t leave you rested and ready for the day ahead of you. Glamping is the perfect compromise. That way, you get the benefit of being close to nature, without being left exhausted. You also get the added benefit of knowing that you’re in a safe campsite. Malaysia offers many glamping options. You could sleep next to a river in the middle of the Pahang jungle. You could even sleep in a tree house in Selangor. Malaysia is full of spots of natural beauty, and glamping could be the perfect way to experience them.

These aren’t the only options out there. Alternative accommodation is becoming increasingly popular. Take a look and see what you find. Be careful to stay sensible, though! If you’re booking spare rooms, only do so from reputable sites. Stay safe while you’re traveling!

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