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Birthday Party: Entertaining Ideas

Have you got a birthday coming up and need help with choosing entertaining ideas? Here are some of the coolest things to bring to the party!

Punchbowl Cocktail
Impress your friends by making your own cocktail punch! First chose the most beautiful bowl you can get your hands on, (feel free to get creative with shapes and sizes.) Once you've got your bowl decide on what kind of cocktail you'd like to make, maybe it'll be a Cosmo or a Pina Colada, or perhaps a Strawberry Mojito. Choose whatever you like the most but make sure it has a great colour to it. That way it'll make the overall piece look very appealing.

Make a playlist with some of your favourite music beforehand, so you're not having to keep cutting the music to flick through songs. Ask your guest to do the same; then you'll have a variety of different music throughout the night.
If you're feeling extra flashy, why not hire a DJ? But make sure you choose someone who plays your style of music. It'd be a nightmare if you expected to listen to reggae all night, but the DJ was a hardcore metal mixer...

Make a costume theme! Most people love to dress up for something, so choosing a theme will make everyone have to think, and come out of their shell a little. Whether you go for a 'Hero' theme or an '80s' theme,  it's sure to be a fun night.

Temp Tattoos
Remember those temporary tattoos that used to be in chewing gum packets or cereal boxes? Why not fill a bowl up full of them and have a moment in the night where everyone has to close their eyes and pull out a tattoo. It's silly and will certainly, break the ice. You won't be able to control your laughter when you see Brian from work walking around with an 'I Love Mommy' tattoo on his arm!

Photo Booth
Why not take a leaf out of the celebrity book and rent out a photo booth? Not only will everyone think you're the boss, you'll get great memories to keep! There are many different shops that supply these, if you are around Florida, look at photo booth rental. They provide a whole lot of different services to give you the party of the year.

It's not a real party without dancing! Move your tables and chairs out of the way to create a big enough space to dance in. Otherwise, it'll get too crowded, and things will most likely get broken. Put the music on blast, and dance the night away with your friends.

Party Games
There is an endless list of party games out there, such as 'The Name Game,' the 'Laughing Game' and 'React and Act.' Have a look online for a whole bunch of others and make a quick list so you have some ready on the night. Ask your guests if they know any too.


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