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How To Become The Proud Owner Of A French Bulldog

Voted in 2014 the fourth most popular dog in the UK, French Bulldogs are a breed that is full of surprises! Why? Because Frenchies don’t only look good as a statement fashion accessory, they are also absolutely amazing! Here’s our little guide to know more about this fashionable cuties.

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First A Little Bit Of History About Frenchies
If you wish to impress your friends, knowing more about your favourite dog is an excellent way to start. First of all, you’ll be surprised to find out that the origin of the French Bulldog breed is the result of a cross between bulldogs from England and small breeds of dogs, mostly terriers, from France. You could say that the Frenchies could have just as well been called the British. Yet, if we are completely honest, history doesn’t matter: The cuteness overload wins every single time!

How To Pick Your Beloved Puppy


Before you even decide on a specific puppy, there are a few rules to keep in the back of your mind. First of all, never ever, we insist on that, never choose a puppy that is not AKC-registered. You can save yourself a lot of trouble and money in the long term by choosing carefully the right breeder, this means someone who knows the background of your puppy’s parents and has invested a lot of care and planning into breeding. You will easily make the difference at first sight between a backyard puppy broker and a reputable breeder.
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Similarly, the breeder will be keen to find out more about you, as they want to make sure that their puppy will be well looked after. Once you’ve found the right breeder, picking your puppy is a matter that we leave to these little cuties. The first one who melts your heart wins! One last piece of advice: Never choose a puppy without seeing it with its mother. This is a strong indicator of your Frenchy’s temperament.

The Essentials For Your French Bulldog

Once you have set your heart on a puppy, it is important to have already purchased some items before you welcome your new friend home. French Bulldogs, like any dog, will need to feel from the start that your home is theirs and that they are cared for and wanted. This starts by having everything your dog needs. On top of the list of recommendations, you need to buy a comfortable dog bed. Frenchies have a tendency to suffer from joint pain after an energetic play or walk, so you want to make sure that your puppy has somewhere to rest. This may seem like an unnecessary purchase, but you can find some interesting discounts online, such as 10% off dog beds to ease your finances.
Additionally, you will need an adjustable harness to take your cutie for a walk. French Bulldogs have a strong and sturdy body despite their small size, so there is no way you will be able to contain its enthusiasm effectively with a collar!
Finally, last but not least, Frenchies are small dogs that can sneak almost anywhere. So make sure that you cut dangerous areas off with doggy gates. These areas can include places where you keep household chemicals, access to your DIY shelves with sharp and harmful tools, and the baby’s bedroom while your puppy is still young and untrained.

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