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Is It Time You Landed The Career You Deserve?

As much as it’s easy to get comfortable in life, you really do have to remember that life is short. And while that sounds like such a cliche, it’s still very true. You only get one life, so you really need to make it count. When you’re not happy with your current job, you’re going to want to do everything in your power to ensure you get a better job going forwards. Because we all deserve to be on a career path that we love. After all, we’re a long time working, so it’s always best to do something that you enjoy. So let’s take a look at what you can do to finally land yourself a job that you love.
Looking To Your Passions First of all, you need to consider your passions. Because when you want a job that you can be completely in love with, you need to be able to choose something that you’re passionate about. Whether you love to write or you really know a lot about sports, you should think about the things that you love, are good at, and enjoy doing. More often than not, you’ll be abl…

Taking Your Career Around the World

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When it comes to careers, many people will spend the majority of their time behind the same desk, day in and day out. This can quickly grow dull, but the lull of routine and habit mean that people become stagnant and stay put. Is this something that you want to aspire to? Of course not! Why would you want to stay in the same spot permanently when the whole world is out there waiting. Luckily, advancements in travel and technology mean that you can easily take your career around the world with you. Here are just a few ways to advance your career without being cooped up in an office!
Engage in Distance Learning If you haven’t yet secured a job or are between jobs, you may be considering heading into education to gain qualifications that will boost your resume or allow you to set up a business of your own. This will usually mean enrolling at a higher education institution and frequenting the same old campus day in and day out to attend lectures and seminars. But why not engag…

How Fashion Has Evolved

Fashion is a wonderful thing. It has the power to change someones appearance for the better, and in some cases for the worse. But whatever it may be, fashion truly is a wonderful thing, and over the years it has evolved massively. A few mistakes have definitely be learnt along the way, and some fashion was that successful it is even coming back into play now.
The fashion we see today is also massively influenced by the people working in the industry, and celebrities. Celebrities and social media might just be one of the biggest influences, with stars such as Kanye and Kim west shaping the fashion world as we know it. There’s also the big designers that have come about in recent years that continue to make a difference such as Tom Ford and Donatella Versace. But, if there’s one thing we do know about fashion, it’s that there’s so many different views of what’s good and what’s not. Some people view catwalk fashion as a work of art, whilst some view it as a disaster. But if there’s one …

Resolving Issues At Work

If you are currently dealing with issues in the workplace, you can often feel stuck. Stuck working in place where you are being made to feel stressed and depressed. Stuck needing a job and an income but feeling like you can’t move to another company because of commitments in the role that you are in. Resolving issues in the workplace is rather an art – you have to be able to resolve the issue without causing further problems for yourself, and that’s not easy. Feelings of dread as you head to work everyday are not easy to cope with, but you can manage it. There are ways around feeling friction in the workplace, and there are three choices ahead of you: you can deal with it, look for another job or talk to your management team about your concerns.Let’s face it, you need your income and so the best thing you can start doing is solving the problems before they become irreversible.

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You may be having a tough time of it at work, but if your job is one that you really enjoy and t…

8 Great Careers That Involve Working With Animals

It’s around this time that we’re all looking towards a new year, and (potentially) a new career. If you feel overworked, under stimulated and under appreciated in your current job you’re most likely perusing the job sites with a view to choosing a new job or even a new career for 2018. This is a common and admirable goal, but it’s important that you go into a job search for the right reasons and with appropriate expectations. You may need to take time out to retrain or even pursue a new qualification, either through campus based learning or through a more flexible online qualification. You may have to start at an entry level position and work your way up to reach your dream job. Nonetheless, it’s better to be standing at the bottom of a ladder you actually want to climb than to be stuck half way up one that you don’t.
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Though many move careers with a view to attaining a better salary, you should not go into a career change with only money in mind. After all, that’s lik…

Natural Fixes For Problem Skin

Confidence. It’s a word that nearly every woman uses to describe anyone but herself. To be confident, you have to be secure within yourself. You have to believe in yourself. When you’re at work or with your friends, it’s likely that you feel envious of those who come across as confident and together, when actually most people are totally faking it and just as insecure and worrisome as you are. But, what makes someone confident? Is it the clothes that they wear? Is it the security of their bank account? Is it a sheer rejection of anything that resembles conformity, so that they can be happy with exactly who they are? It’s likely a huge mix of all of those things. It’s often far easier to focus on flaws than it is to focus on what makes you beautiful, which is why confidence is such an issue among women.

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If someone was to ask you what part of your life you would like to work on, it’s more likely that you will answer with a weakness to be fixed, a flaw to be smoothed or a fa…

Lace Up Those Sneakers And Kick Start Your Health

So, you want to improve your health and the time is now to get that done. There’s a bubble of excitement within you and it’s time for a fresh start, a new you and a new outlook on life. When your day to day life is lacking in healthy behaviour, you can feel sluggish, depressed and lethargic about even the smallest of activities. There’s nothing worse than waking up and feeling low from the moment the day begins, and if you aren’t active or being healthy in your eating habits, it’s very likely that you are feeling just that: low.
Googling around for gyms near you is only a part of the process when it comes to displaying healthy behaviour. Signing up for the gym is one thing, feeling motivated and excited enough to attend at all is quite another. You have to think about the bigger picture, the food you consume, the drinks you are sinking on a weekly basis and even your mental health. How do you feel about you? How do you feel about the way you eat and how much exercise that you do? The…

The Power Of Developmental Purpose

We all know that to live a life well, we must keep close some form of purpose to our hearts. This means finding what you truly desire, and chipping away that goal. This can often last and sustain you for years. The art of heading towards something you truly desire will orient you, and this is especially important in a world where over comfort, being sheltered and scared of the political chaos are all things you can feel in one fell swoop.
However, finding a purpose is only 10% of the process. Working towards it will make the bulk of your time. We’d argue that a purpose that can develop as you achieve minor goals towards it is the best option. This is something students understand. The pursuit of a bachelor's degree could blossom into a much more suitable accredited online mba, pushing you towards success even further.
To use a further example, do you hope to be a phenomenal author one day? Well, first of all, why not try to read at least two books a week? Can you do that? Step…

Filter Your Life To Regain Happiness

Rainbow Filter
Happiness is such a selective term - it means different thing s to each person, however, many would agree that the amount of spam that happens in day to day life causes anything but happiness. And we’re not just talking junk emails or fliers being handed out on the street. But anything in life that is unnecessary happens in large amounts and you could happily live without.
There is much out there that is completely within your control to change, but many don’t because it might not seem to be the norm, or it risks offending someone. But at the end of the day, your happiness and wellbeing are more important. Yes, you should be considerate of other people’s feelings, but you need to put yourself first now and again. And one of those times would be in filtering the spam in your life, to weed out the unnecessary rubbish and to just be happy.
Mail Starting with the obvious - we all get junk mail. Promotional offers are flooding our inboxes, or doorsteps and our faces as we walk …

Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them... Cats!

From the Russian Blue to the Ragdoll and from the Maine Coon to the humble moggy, cats remain the pet of choice for millions of people across the globe. Their docile nature, aloofness and cuteness mean that they can be the ideal pet. They will seduce you with their need for strokes, and they’ll lull you into a false sense of security when peacefully lying on their favorite blanket. Only when you’ve owned a cat for a couple of months, do you see the emergence of their true nature. A cat is an intelligent creature, and he or she knows it. Often your cat will take on a more sinister persona. They will spend their days sleeping, venturing outside and eating, all the while figuring out ways to annoy you merely for their own amusement.

Cats are incredible animals. They’ll look at you all doey eyed to get a quick chin rub in one instant, only to have enough and turn their back on you the next. The joy of these pets is their personalities and their cattitude. Take a look at how the wonderful s…