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Keep Watchers Engaged: What To Vlog About In Peru

It is difficult not to think about the Inca civilization and the inglorious history of the golden city which has kept the imagination of numerous scriptwriters and authors active for many years when you think about Peru. But, when you are a travel blogger, and you want to keep your readers interested, visiting Peru is a tricky task. Everybody knows about the Alpaca wool and Machu Picchu, so it is important to pick an exciting angle for your travel vlog. Make sure to mix informative blogs about Peruvian culture with breath-taking videos, and here’s how to take your readers on a tour of Peru like nothing they’ve seen before.

Plan Smartly: Book An Inca Tour

There’s a lot of things to see in Peru, so the best way to make the most of your trip is to book a machu picchu peru tour that will take you through Cusco, the Sacred Valley, and the world famous Machu Picchu sanctuary. In four days only, you could get a packed itinerary through the lost Incan world that will give you a lot to show and tell. For a start, you can’t ignore the importance of the Incas in Peru. But what you can do is work with an experience tour guide to immerse yourself into the culture in a way that no travel book can. While the Inca civilization is well known, people tend to remember the spiritual power that was given to the sun, instead of the smart and knowledgeable organization of the harsh Andean environment that this Empire had introduced to the world. It is not easy to successfully exploit landscapes as various as plains, mountains, deserts and tropical jungle, yet a tour of the Inca civilization would be able to take you through the engineering of these people who have been able to build their settlements across a large part of South America. Showing to your loyal audience that people in the 15th and 16th centuries already knew of technologies that are still in use today will shed a different light on the glorious Peruvian past. There was more than a mystical love for the Sun God, but there was also a thorough understanding of physics and biodiversity, for instance. Additionally, it is true that you can’t visit Peru without mentioning the Inca, and their most famous site, Machu Picchu, which could as been a simple summer residence for the Inca emperor. But, as you discuss the Incas, being able to link them to the modern world will provide an engaging hook. After all, there is only so much that one can say about the mystical sun, and most of it has already been covered by Tintin and Snowy in the late 1940s!   

Discovery Of The Local Culture Through Food

In Lima, you can turn to the Lima Gourmet Company to take you through the culinary discovery of the region. You can find daytime and nighttime tours that will both offer a variety of food stops and nibbles through Lima’s most exclusive restaurants and taste scenes. You might wonder why a food tour could be of interest to your vlog. The answer is simple: There is nothing more intimate and deep in the culture of a country than its relationship to food. Discovering who the Peruvians are starts with what they put on the plate. Not only can you promote fine restaurants that travelers to Peru might have missed in an attempt to stick to what they think Peruvian culture is - which tends to be based on popular Inca fiction and therefore lacks a certain sense of reality - but you will also be able to film stunning historical areas that are outside of common knowledge. So surprise your followers with a gourmet tour that combines delicious food and drinks from Lima’s top restaurants and roastery, and the unknown festive and modern side of Peru. Not everybody in Peru lives in the past, contrary to the popular image that the media give from them. Stepping off the beaten path for a local exploration of real Peru is something that your followers will cherish. Offer them something new to watch!

The Sacred Valley, More Than The Heart Of The Ancient Inca Civilization

The Sacred Valley lies about 9,000 feet high at the heart of the Incan Empire, between Cuzco and Machu Picchu. Often, tourists who stop at the Sacred Valley take a wander through the archeological sites and stop to admire the stunning mountain view, then they are likely to buy a souvenir from the artisan market - most probably with the silhouette of a llama on it, for best Peruvian effect. In truth, the Sacred Valley might sound quite boring, when you describe it like that. However, it is an area that needs protection because the communities who live there have maintained a traditional way of life and heavy agricultural activities. Tourism, while it heavily benefits to the communities who live just next to the significant Incan sites, Cuzco and Machu Picchu, brings very little support to the rest of this traditional region. That’s the reason why the women’s weaving workshop was founded as a project to keep the traditional weaving techniques alive and help these communities to support themselves. As a result, not only has the region been able to support the handmade production of high-quality textiles, but the families who live in the Sacred Valley have now access to proper education, which will enable younger generations to study and maybe move out. There is no doubt that this is a charity project that will steal the heart of your followers: The women’s weaving workshop is empowering women to take an active part in their family’s income and to give for the first time the chance to go to school to most children. The positive side for visitors, besides joining the project, is to be able to talk to the women who made the textile they buy. So, don’t hesitate to give your Peru travel a social impact for the generations to come.

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