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Keeping It Graceful: How To Feel Gorgeous As You Age

For a lot of women, ageing can be a challenging process. For thousands of years, society has placed far too much importance on a woman’s youth and beauty, so as we age, we often feel as though the things that define us and that make us special – our long hair, our clear skin – are vanishing. But the truth is that as you get older, you’re more beautiful than ever as you gain more life experience, more wisdom, and more funny stories to tell at parties. Every line on your face tells a story of something you persevered through and overcame. Despite knowing that, it’s sometimes rough to see your reflection in the mirror change as the years go by. Here are some ways to feel great about yourself way into the future…
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Get A New Haircut
It’s so easy to get stuck in a rut as the years go by. If you have a tried and tested hairstyle that you’ve had for as long as you can remember, it’s sometimes hard to force yourself to do something new and experimental. But chances are, the cut that suited you at twenty-one isn’t your thing any more. The texture of your hair may have changed, along with your general style. Talk to your hairdresser and see what they advise. If you’ve always wanted to dye your hair a crazy colour but been too afraid to, now is the time to do it! Be brave and eccentric with the years of experience of being an interesting person to back you up.
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Change The Things You Don’t Like
If there’s something about your appearance that you’ve never liked, there’s always time to change it. Cosmetic surgery is no longer thought of as something scandalous or shallow – and anyway, you know that you can be intelligent and well-read and still interested in your looks. If you’d like a breast lift after years of nursing your kids, or some liposuction on your thighs, or if you’ve simply never liked the shape of your nose, then change it. Why not? After all, you only get one life. Talk to somewhere like the Baltimore Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Center and remember that a good surgeon will never push you into anything you don’t want.
Add To Your Wardrobe

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It’s easy to feel despondent when you look inside your wardrobe and realise that you still have the same problem you had when you were twenty – you have absolutely nothing to wear. Happily, this is when you can indulge one of the best things about getting older: chances are, you have more cash to splash than you did during your misspent youth. This means that you can invest in fashion pieces that will last you a long time: the perfect bag, an incredible coat, boots that will last you for years, the perfectly cut white shirt, a black dress that flatters every part of your body. Pick clothes that fill you with joy and that make you feel good about yourself – and remember it’s not about hiding the parts of your body that you dislike, it’s about showing off the parts that you love.

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