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Looking After Your Skin and Hair Whilst Working Out

When we think about what it means to take care of ourselves, most of us immediately think of fitness. Staying fit is so important. Exercise and diet can help us to achieve our full potentials and smash our goals. It’s even been suggested that exercise can reduce stress levels and increase our focus. Which is an obvious asset in the workplace. So it’s clear that fitness is incredibly important. But how do you take care of your skin and hair whilst you do it? Workouts can be tough on our skin, we sweat and wipe our faces a lot, which isn’t good for our skin. Similarly, sweat and humidity can lead to frizzy hair. Whilst you’re at the gym, this is unimportant. But it also affects you outside of the gym. Acne, frizzy hair, dry hair, and even dry skin can all be a result of not looking after ourselves whilst we work out. Read this guide on how to take care of every part of you whilst you workout…


The main issue with working out is sweat. Sweat doesn’t actually cause acne, this is a common misconception.What does cause spots, blackheads, and breakouts, is the mixture of sweat, bacteria, and sebum in a pore. Don’t worry, though, there are ways to workout and look after your skin too. What you need to do is keep it clean and hydrated, before, during, and after exercise...

If you wear makeup to the gym this is bad news for your skin. Whilst we sweat our pores open up and it becomes easy for makeup to mix with our sweat inside a pore and create new spots. Either that or our skin can become dull, lackluster, and uneven. If you can, avoid wearing makeup to the gym.This will give your skin a chance to breathe as you workout. The best way to look after your skin as you workout is to regularly wash your face. Post-workout give your skin a gentle cleanse and apply a moisturizer to lock all the hydration in.

If you can’t face hitting the gym without makeup on, wear a lightweight tinted moisturizer. Or a BB cream. Select a water-based formula which doesn’t have any oil. This will give you a bit of coverage but doesn’t risk blocking pores. Straight after your workout cleanse your skin before your makeup has a chance to set into the skin.

Working out, particularly outdoors, can be brutal. Winter workouts can be especially challenging for our lips. During a run or even an indoor workout, some people can lick their lips more than they need to. The feeling of having a dry mouth leads us to lick our lips for moisture, but this makes them drier. If you’re experiencing cracked lips when you leave the gym, this could be why. Bring a chapstick to your workout. A moisture-rich formula like shea butter works best. This will keep the moisture in, and steer you away from licking your lips during a workout.

During the summertime, an outdoor workout can also spell bad news for our lips. They’re a particularly delicate area of our face and too much exposure to the sun can lead to blistering. Put some sunscreen on your lips if you’re going to be working out outdoors. Stay hydrated too. Bringing a water bottle with you, sweat can dry your lips out too, ironically!



Neglecting our hair at the gym is a common problem. Throwing it up into a ponytail and getting stuck into our workout is great for our fitness, but not our hair’s health. Sweat and heat are enemies or hair and can leave it looking dry, greasy, and even weak. Take some precautions before, during, and after exercise, to leave your locks looking luscious…

If your workout is going to consist of a swim, make sure you condition your hair first. The chlorine in the pool can damage our hair. A leave-in conditioner will protect it, as will a swimming cap. Post-workout try not to put too much heat on your hair. The chances are you’ll be styling it with hot tongs like these ones,, to ensure there’s no frizz. So you don’t need any extra heat on it. Try a cold setting on the blow dry instead. Cold air can also prevent static and frizz.

If you’re not washing your hair after a workout make sure you spray it with a hydrating spritz. This make sure moisture is locked in rather than sweat. If you have somewhere to go after the gym, but don’t have time to wash and style your hair, try a French braid instead. This will give you a gentle wave post-gym and keep your hair secure whilst you workout. Also bring your dry shampoo along for some added volume! Don’t go to the gym with too many products in your hair, though. This could lead to it becoming greasy, or spots forming.

A headband not only keeps hair off your face whilst you workout, but it also soaks up sweat. That means your hair will be less greasy, and skin will remain cleaner during your exercises. Similarly, it helps to stop you from touching your hair. This can make grease worse and transfer it to your skin. If you have a fringe the headband is a slick solution to products and grips.

If you go to the gym a lot and see people you know there, it can be easy to feel self-conscious. Try out some different hairstyles to accessorize your workout look. These can be as simple as braids, or a more elaborate up-do. You can still show your sense of style and personality at the gym!

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