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Nevertheless, She Persisted: Four Jobs For Badass Women


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Unfortunately, this is a male-dominated world, and although things are slowly starting to change, it’s becoming more and more clear that in order to have our voices heard, women often need to yell louder. Be aware that if you decide to go into politics, you will be scrutinised and criticised more harshly than almost all the men in your position – being a female politician takes bravery and a lot of self belief. They get rape and death threats on Twitter even as policies that decide the future of women’s health are debated by rooms full of men instead of the people that they’ll really affect. Women, people of colour, and the LGBTQ community are sorely underrepresented in this arena. If you’re eloquent, tough, thick-skinned and you really want to make a difference, then let’s face it: politics needs you.

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Nurses get a bad rap from a lot of people. Patients treat them badly – often because they’re in pain and feel generally terrible – and doctors sometimes look down on them unfairly. But the truth is that a good nursing staff is the backbone of any good hospital. They’re the people who help their patients to retain their dignity by washing them, dressing them and helping them to the bathroom, and they also perform a lot of medical jobs to keep patients safe and healthy, along with spending more time with them and their families than doctors ever tend to - if you want to go into medicine but you also want to prioritise patient care, look into nursing schools instead of medical. Nursing can be disgusting (bodily fluids!) and sometimes extremely sad, but it’s also one of the most important and rewarding careers out there.

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The fact is, these days cops often tend to get a bad name. A lot of people are drawn to jobs like that for absolutely the right reasons: they want to do good with their lives, they want to protect people and the cities that they love. But there will always be a couple of bad seeds in every job, and unsavory individuals who are attracted to power and the ability to discipline others will often be attracted towards careers in law enforcement. It’s important, therefore, for fair-minded people who want to play by the rules and do their part in keeping criminals off the street to apply for the job. Cops need to be physically tough, calm and able to react well under pressure. If that sounds like you, why not consider looking more into the job?

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Is there anything in the world that’s more badass than managing to keep a room full of thirty nine-year-olds under your spell? Absolutely not. The best teachers have magical powers – the ability to keep kids interested, to help them behave to the best of their ability, and to help them learn on top of that – all with only a few hours’ sleep after spending the previous night hunched over their desks grading papers and projects. If you’re fine with speaking in public, you’re flexible, and you have a good sense of humour, why don’t you consider becoming a teacher? It’s exhausting, but you might just love it.

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