Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Invest In Your Career!

We spend five days a week, 9-5 or sometimes even longer, working at our jobs, so it's pretty important that they fulfil the criteria that we have for them. For most folks those criteria are about making enough money, and getting a sense of satisfaction from their work. As if you are in a job that isn't working for you, it can have all sort of negative impacts on your life from emotional to financial. That is why it is so vital to invest in yourself in terms of your career. In fact, investing in your career is one of the best places to put your money to use in the long term. So read on to find out how to do it.

College Study
The first way that you can really choose to invest in yourself in terms of your career is to make the commitment to study in a formal way. This might be by going to college out of state, to a community college or on another residential, long-term study course.

Remember though, it won't necessarily always be easy, as you will have to learn to balance your time and your personal budgets to get everything done that you will need to.


But the advantages are that you will get to immerse yourself in a subject that you love and hope to make a career out of. As well as gaining a formal qualification that will get you started on the career path to the role that you want. It will also show potential employers your commitment to your area of study, and the ability to motivate yourself.

However, the cost is often something that puts people off from this option. This is because attending college can be expensive if you don't gain a scholarship. As there are tuition fees, as well as rent, board, and the normal overheads like clothes and going out to pay for.


To remedy this, many students decide to work as well as study, using their wages to decrease the amount of debt that they need to get into while at college. Although this can create its own problems with stress and burnout when deadlines are due.

The best solution for this is to pick up casual work such as waiting tables or events that you can drop when you have an important exam coming up, but still, bring in a decent amount. Or get something that is closely related to your areas of study.  

For example, some student graphic designers are able to work remotely from their dorms, creating projects that they have found from freelance sites such as Then they are earning money with which to help fund their life and study but can choose what and when to work, easing some of the stress.  

Career Progress Development Courses  


But don't think that the only way to invest in your career is to head back to college, because it isn't. In fact, there is a lot that you can do if you are already in work that means you don't have to lose the wage that you are already making by going back to be a student.

In particular, if you would like to progress in the field that you are in you can invest in some career development courses that will help you perfect the skills that you need to get to the next level and beyond.


For example, if you are working in a business setting and are currently managing a few accounts, but you want to move up higher in the organization, you can take courses that will help you so this. Such as project management, dealing with difficult people, or data analysis.

You may even be able to get your current workplace to fund some of the cost of these courses for you. As you could argue that they will help you to better perform the role that you are doing at the moment.

However, it is likely that you will need to payroll at least some of the cost of the courses yourself. You may be fortunate to be in a position where you have some saving that will cover the majority of the training that you are looking to do. But if you are struggling when it comes to finding the funds needed, you could also consider getting a personal loan.


These sort of loans are perfect for career development funding because you can pay a lot less interest in them that you would if you put the course cost on your credit card. You also don't have to put up any collateral for loans under $1000 which mean that there is practically no risk in improving your career prospects and resume.

Another option in this area is asking for some additional responsibilities at work, without a pay rise. OK, so it sounds a little crazy! Why would you want more work at the same pay? Well, it shows that you are committed to progressing and taking on more responsibility in the company that you are in. It also gives you experience of certain roles in a real world setting, which you can then use to barter for a promotion, or put on your resume for another job.

So, while it seems like you are investing your time for nothing now, it can really pay off in term of promotion and better wages in the future.



Something else that you may wish to invest your time in is a volunteer or intern position. These are often the best idea for folks that are looking to change career completely, as the provide real life experience of the role, while allowing you to judge whether it will be the perfect fit that you are looking for.

However, now there are some risks associated with taking a role like this. Primarily financial ones, as you will take a big cut in wages as you will be working for free. This might create all sorts of problems in your life from not being able to pay your rent and car payments, to severely limiting your social life.

However, if you can arrange a part-time position, it may be possible to gain the experience you need without being penniless.

It can also help to have a nest egg to fall back on if you need to cut your hours for this sort of position. Which you can raise by selling some higher values items that you don't currently use.

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Beat the Heat On Your Run

It won’t be long ‘til summer now, which means that your runs are going to get a whole lot hotter. When the weather heats up, it is normal to feel more lethargic because your brain signals your muscles to relax in a bid to bring your core temperature down. This, combined with seasonal allergies and the risk of dehydration can be enough to put you off running during the summer completely, but you shouldn’t let it. There’s no denying that running at the height of summer is more challenging, but you can beat it and keep pounding the pavements if you pay attention to these runner’s tips for beating the heat:

Before Sunrise

If temperatures are set to soar, set your alarm a bit earlier and run before the sun rises. This is the coolest time of the day, and because you’ve just woken up, your body temperature will also be pretty low, which means you can fit in your daily run without even breaking a sweat…in summer! You’ll also get to see some beautiful sunrises, which is always a bonus!

Check the Humidity

Perhaps even worse than summer heat, when you’re running, is humidity. When the air is moist, it is even harder for your body to cool itself down by sweating which means that you can easily start to feel overwhelmed. If you check your location’s heat index before you plan a run, you will be able to see how humid it’s going to get throughout the day, and so plan your workout accordingly.

Dress for the Season

There is an endless supply of women’s running clothes in every shape, size and color imaginable – you just have to take a look at Adidas online to see that – but if you want to stay cool, calm and collected on your summer runs, you can’t just pick out any outfit that takes your fancy. What you need to do is wear light-colored running clothes, which are also loose fitting and designed specifically for the purpose of running. Ideally, you should wear technical fabrics, which will wick away moisture from your body and allow the air to cool you.

If it’s sunny out, it is also a really good idea to wear a visor, which will ensure you can see properly and keep your face protected from the harmful rays of the sun. Always slather on the sunscreen too!

Cool Down First

It might sound strange, but instead of waiting until you’ve run your 5k to cool down, do it before you set off. Drink an icy drink, take a dip in a pool or have an ice cold shower to lower your core temperature and it will take longer for you to start overheating when you exercise.

Concentrate on the Head and Neck

If you start to get too hot, use some of your water (and you should bring plenty of water along on a summer run) to cool down your head and neck area, either by pouring it directly over your head or by soaking a sponge in the water and applying it to your body. This is the fastest way to lower your core temperature.

Don’t Push It

You might be able to continue running in the scorching summer sun, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to reach any personal bests, and if you want to stay safe you probably shouldn’t try. There is nothing wrong with lowering your expectations for the season – as long as you keep running, you’ll stay in shape, and you’ll have the autumn to smash those all-important records.

Drink Up

Whether you’re usually good about drinking plenty of water when running or not, the summertime is when it is most important to drink like a pro. If you want to stay well hydrated and avoid any mishaps on the track, you should drink a minimum of half your bodyweight in ounces each day. So, if you weigh 120 pounds, drink 60 ounces of water a day minimum, and a couple of hours before you head off for a run, drink around 16 ounces of the good stuff, followed by an additional glass 10 minutes before you start.

When you’re running, you’ll want to consume 15-20 ounces for every hour on the go, and when you finish, you should replace any lost fluids by drinking an additional 8-24 ounces of water and sports drinks that contain essential electrolytes, including sodium, which will be lost when you sweat.

Do you love running in the summer? What are your top tips for getting through the season unscathed?

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Living A Stress Free Life

Living a stress free life sounds a lot easier than it is. Stress is something that many of us suffer with. Some on a smaller scale, some on a larger scale. Some stress so much that they struggle to eat, or eat more than usual. Some lose hair. Some lose sleep. It all depends on the individual. Whatever your circumstances, it’s easy to see why stress should be kept to an absolute minimum. Here are a few pointers to living a stress free life:

Learn To Let Go Of What You Can’t Control
The first step is to learn to let go of what you can’t control. It’s natural for us to worry about almost everything that we experience, because we are designed to survive. If anything threatens that survival, our brains go into overdrive trying to come up with a solution!

However, you won’t ever come up with a solution if you’re in a stressed out state. The only way you’ll come up with a reasonable solution to anything, is by staying calm and figuring it out from a place of clarity.

If you know there’s nothing you can do about a situation, let go of trying to control it. You never know; the universe might just have a different plan for you!

Use Your Breath To Your Advantage
The majority of people don’t realize that we are equipped with a tool that can de-stress us almost instantly. Our breath! By taking deep breaths in slowly, holding the breath, and then breathing out slowly, you can relax in just a few moments. Many people breathe in a way that signals ‘stress’ to the body. Usually short breaths that don’t reach the diaphragm. This means the body thinks it is stressed even when it’s in a relaxed state!


Choose The Right Therapy For You
There are so many therapies out there that have been renowned for reducing stress. Color therapy, for example, uses color to improve your mood. There’s a mood behind each and every color, and knowing how to use them could help you in the long run!
Then there’s aromatherapy. This uses lots of different oils, such as lavender, geranium, and coconut. Oils are expertly blended, and the scent of them can help you to instantly de-stress. You can place them in a diffuser in the home, a few drops in your bath, or place some in an aroma necklace to take with you everywhere you go. You can buy pre-blended oils, which is best if you don’t know what you’re doing, as some oils shouldn’t be mixed. For general relaxation, you can’t go wrong with lavender on its own!

Going for a treatment at a place like Brilliant Massage Therapy could also help to get that stress under control. If you suffer with tension and knots in your muscles, a good massage will help to release them and have you feeling brand new.

Cut Down On Screen Time
It’s the 21st century, so it wouldn’t be realistic to cut down on screen time altogether. However, cutting back on it as much as possible will help you to feel better. If you’re a social network user, ask yourself why you care about others lives so much anyway? You could use that time to focus on your own life! If you mindlessly scroll in the evening, try to read a book instead. Cut back on TV, and make sure you don’t have any screen time at least an hour before bed. The time you save from not sitting in front of a screen can make your life so much better!

Make Sure You’re Getting Good Quality Sleep
Getting a good quality sleep is just as important as getting 7-8 hours a night. Again, your quality won’t be as good if you mess up your circadian rhythms up by staring at a screen, so make sure you bear that in mind! You should keep your room as dark as possible, and make sure you have the right mattress. Going to bed earlier usually helps you to get a better quality sleep than going to bed later, even if you get the same amount of hours!

Be Mindful Of What You’re Putting In Your Body
Drinking too much caffeine, smoking, and taking in too much alcohol is going to put the body under stress. Eating the right foods and getting plenty of H20 is going to help you to feel happier and healthier!

Get Moving
Getting some exercise around 3 times a week will help you to eliminate stress too. Exercising in the morning can make your whole day seem brighter, even if you have a tough task to do at work. Exercising after a rough day can make you feel as if it never happened!

Start living a stress free life today!

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

These Tools Will Inject Life Into Your Career

Are you struggling to move forward with your career? You’re not alone. When people finish their university degree, it takes on average, one year for them to find a permanent position in their chosen industry. The good news is that there are ways to give yourself a helping hand. One possibility is to use some fantastic tools to either draw more attention to you or just give you a head start against some other candidates. So, what tools are we talking about here?

Social Media

Social media is vital for anyone who wants to get a to paid position in the modern business world. One of the first things employees do when they get your resume is search for you on social media. Hopefully, they like what they find. But to be honest finding something bad is better than them finding nothing at all. If employers can’t find any information about you online, they will a) assume you are inactive or b) assume you don’t have any industry contacts. They might also think that you are remaining hidden for a reason. None of these ideas are going to benefit you when applying for a job. So, make sure you have as many professional social media accounts up and running as possible. The main one to focus on would obviously be Linkedin. This works as a digital career history for employees and can lead to you being headhunted. That way, you don’t even have to search for the job yourself.

Resume Builders

If you are trying to create your own resume without any help, you will already have a handicap. Other applicants will have used resume builders to ensure that their CV looks professional, stylish and eye catching. With a resume builder, you can make sure that you have a killer CV that looks like it has been designed by someone who knows what they’re doing. The design can also help you highlight certain aspects of who you are such as your unique selling point and bring attention to them. It’s also best to pay for a resume builder as well. There are lots of free resume builders that you can use online. The problem is that everyone’s going to try this and as such your resume will end up looking the same as hundred other CVs that have been sent into the company.

Log Into Blogging

Last but not least, you should think about setting up a blog for yourself online. It can be useful for an industry that you’re thinking about entering into. But obviously, it’s going to be particularly important for those hoping to find a position in the entertainment industry or creative sectors. A blog allows you to share more information about who you are and what you can offer. It also demonstrates initiative, and that’s one of the key traits that business owners are always looking for in new recruits.

Using these tools, you’ll find that your application makes it’s way to the top of the pile, and you get through the struggle of finding your dream position.

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Friday, April 7, 2017

How to Tell if a Restaurant is Dirty

We all like eating out, it’s a great way to spend time with friends and family. It’s not without its risks though. When you let somebody else cook for you, you’re putting your health in their hands. It is not often that you get food poisoning from a restaurant but it is probably more common than you think. It can be easily avoided if you eat at places that have been recommended to you by others, and if you look out for some of the tell-tale signs that a restaurant has bad hygiene. Here are some of the main ways that you can tell if a restaurant is dirty.   

Table Area

When you first sit down, have a quick look around and see if there is anything that doesn’t look right. If the tables and seats are sticky, this a very bad sign. If the staff are not taking care to clean the areas that customers are eating in, then it is likely that they’ll be even less thorough in the kitchen areas that you don’t see. It doesn’t always mean that a restaurant is unclean, if it is very busy, it might just mean that they are struggling to keep up with work.

You should also check things like menus and condiments. These are the types of things that would usually be cleaned at the end of the night when the whole restaurant should be getting a good going over. If it looks like staff are leaving at the end of the shift without properly cleaning the restaurant, then dirt is going to build up and the whole place is going to be unhygienic.

Dirty Toilets

dirty toilet.jpeg

A restaurant toilet is getting thousands of visitors a week and it is one of the most important things that needs cleaning in the whole building. It should be getting a good clean morning and night, and a quick once over every few hours or so. Anything less than this is not an acceptable level of cleanliness and should definitely ring alarm bells.


The overall attitude and presentation of the staff is another key indicator. If they are inattentive, rude or lazy, then they obviously have no regard for the restaurant or its customers. If they don’t care enough to be polite to you, then they certainly won’t care enough to keep the kitchens clean. Their clothes can also tell you a lot. If they are all dressed smartly and the kitchen staff are wearing proper attire from places like then you shouldn’t be worried. But it is a bad sign if they aren’t. If the chefs aren’t following basic health and safety rules like that, then they won’t be following the more important ones, such as using separate chopping boards for raw and cooked food, to avoid contamination. This is one of the most common ways that people get food poisoning.

Hygiene Rating

hygiene rating.jpeg

All restaurants are subject to inspections and given ratings. If you go into a clean restaurant, they will usually have their certificate proudly displayed on the wall. If you can’t see one anywhere, it’s probably because the management don’t want you to see what score they got. If you can’t see an obviously displayed hygiene rating, turn around and leave immediately.

It's Time To Face Up To The Girl In The Mirror

Lots of girls have been there before; standing in the bathroom and unable to look at themselves in the mirror. And it’s all because they aren’t happy with their appearance. It shouldn’t be like that, though! You should be happy to smile at yourself in the mirror every morning while you get ready!

Every girl seems to go through a period in which they aren’t happy with the looks that they were born with. However, there are many different ways to overcome your negativity, one of the most effective of which is to try and give your self-confidence a little boost. Once you get more confident with yourself and your overall look, you will find that you will be able to face the girl in the mirror and smile right back at her! Hopefully, these tips will help you get there.


Don’t Define Yourself By Your Looks
First of all, you need to remember that your looks aren’t everything! There are also some other uniquely defining features that you will have. For instance, you might be terribly successful in your career and could be an industry leader in your field. You could be very intelligent and have the ability to speak two or more languages! Or perhaps you are a very sociable person and someone who everyone loves to hang out with. As you can see, our looks aren’t everything, and shouldn’t be the only aspect that defines you.

Try To Improve Flaws
Girls all have some features that they don’t like. But don’t let them get you down as there are ways you can improve them! You might like to treat yourself to a course of cosmetic laser dermatology if you don’t like your stomach area, or you could prefer to invest in some good-quality eye cream to remove your crow’s feet once and for all! There are lots of ways to banish annoying beauty flaws, and you can find out how to solve yours by looking online!

Focus On Your Best Features
As well as flaws, people also have their best features. For instance, you might love how dark your eyes are or how silky your hair always looks. It’s a good idea to try and accentuate these features to try and make the most of them.


Forget Conventional Beauty Standards
When you are out shopping for new beauty products, there will usually be a model in adverts or on the packaging. All of these models will live up to the conventional beauty standards that our society holds, and are, more often than not, very tall, slim, and beautiful. But who says that these women are more beautiful than the rest of us? This image of the ‘perfect body’ can be very damaging to girls who don’t live up to it. So, try and ignore all of these conventional standards. As long as you are wearing clothes and makeup that you like, you will always be looking your best!

So, ignore all the models out there and just focus on the gorgeous girl staring back at you from the mirror!

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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A Natural Way To Look Younger

Since the dawn of time women everywhere have been looking for the secret to staying young. Many men have been searching out this elixir of life too. From using herbs in the forest to create potions we can drink to the modern day surgeries we can access today, human beings are battling the wrinkles and trying to stay away from looking their age.
It’s crazy to think that while people are flocking to see their plastic surgeon, they have failed to look at the very simple, natural ways of improving their skin tone. Natural products are great because many of them are free and none of them put you under any health risk. You simply increase the water you drink, eat healthily and try some of nature's remedies and viola, young looking skin. You may even find these products make you feel more confident in yourself which could lead you to realize that you didn’t need surgery after all, of course, if nothing works you haven’t lost anything, and Roxy Plastic Surgery has you covered anyway. So you haven’t lost a thing from trying.
With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the very best products from nature to see if you can wind black the clock without going under the knife.
The humble bee has been busy producing us delicious honey for centuries. Some types of honey, specifically Manuka, have been hailed by dieticians as being a super food. Very healing for some issues, can help you lose weight and make your skin look fantastic. We use honey in lots of skin products too, such as face masks.  Burt’s Bees have been using beeswax for many years, giving their clients a natural and intensive treatment for dry skin. Bee’s are one of nature’s gifts for making us look, and feel beautiful.
A few years ago, though, a lady called Deb Mitchell, discovered another way that bees could help us look younger. After spending time with her sister, a beekeeper, talking about the way bee’s sting and how if they sting, they die, Deb started looking at the similarity between bee venom and botox. She realized that if you could extract the bee venom from a bee, they wouldn’t be able to sting anyone and therefore they would potentially live longer. After a few years of research, she discovered a humane way of milking the venom from bees and went on to produce her ‘Heaven’ range of skin products. These included her ABEETOXIN range which used the bee venom to plump up the skin, visibly tighten and lift it and reduce the appearance of lines. We aren’t talking your run of the mill wrinkle reducing face cream here, at £200 for 60 ml you are getting an incredible natural cosmetic procedure. ABEETOXIN is so good that celebrities from around the world pay Deb’s to fly out with her new ideas and give them treatments at home. She has created a business, which was valued at £33 million, from a simple idea she had with her sister.
If you can’t afford the Heaven range of this natural product, then other companies have started using bee venom in their products. One company which uses 100% natural and organic ingredients is Le Creme Beaute. They do a bee venom moisturizer which is so beautiful to the touch and gives a beautiful lift to your face too. Prices are half of the ABEETOXIN range, but you won’t be disappointed at all. You can also find bee venom products for your hands too. A great way of hiding your age, we ought to have learned about that from Madonna.
Another gift from nature is Coconut oil.  This is a nourishing and deeply moisturizing oil which has a high-fat content. This can improve certain skin conditions and heal wounds, so it is ideal for soothing skin ailments and healing acne scars, it also helps to prevent acne.
Some people believe oil to the skin can clog the pores and create an adverse effect, however, coconut oil works in a different way. It hydrates the skin and softens it, sinking deep into the cells and helping to clear away all the dead skin cells which prevent a healthy complexion.
So how can it work for you? Simple. You can use it to condition or soothe your skin. It absorbs quickly and gives you silky skin. Wash your face and then dab dry with a towel and then apply a little to your face each morning and night. You won’t need a lot as it turns into a light water and goes a very long way. You can also use it for the rest of your body and can add essential oils to it for massaging. Coconut oil is also fantastic used as a cleanser or toner. It is a great makeup remover which works on waterproof mascara too. Just use on a cotton ball and wipe all over your face. If you do this, you won’t need a separate moisturizer either!
Another great way of keeping young by using coconut oil is to use it on your hair. We don’t just mean to keep it beautifully hydrated.
Coconut oil is full of all the right vitamins and nutrients to help stimulate hair growth, for women who find they are losing their eyebrows, coconut oil can be applied topically morning and evening. Over the space of 6 weeks, you will see your brows grow thicker and darker. You could also switch it up with olive oil too. Both these oils will stimulate cell regeneration and give you a real hair growing boost. If you apply it to your scalp, you will find the same effect on your hair too. Giving you thicker and fuller hair which will have fewer split ends. This will help keep you looking younger too!
Get to work with nature and see if you can avoid surgery by going au natural with your skin products. Just remember to drink plenty of water and get a full, balanced diet too. Eat well, and your skin will shine!
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