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A Natural Way To Look Younger

Since the dawn of time women everywhere have been looking for the secret to staying young. Many men have been searching out this elixir of life too. From using herbs in the forest to create potions we can drink to the modern day surgeries we can access today, human beings are battling the wrinkles and trying to stay away from looking their age.
It’s crazy to think that while people are flocking to see their plastic surgeon, they have failed to look at the very simple, natural ways of improving their skin tone. Natural products are great because many of them are free and none of them put you under any health risk. You simply increase the water you drink, eat healthily and try some of nature's remedies and viola, young looking skin. You may even find these products make you feel more confident in yourself which could lead you to realize that you didn’t need surgery after all, of course, if nothing works you haven’t lost anything, and Roxy Plastic Surgery has you covered anyway. So you haven’t lost a thing from trying.
With that in mind, let’s have a look at some of the very best products from nature to see if you can wind black the clock without going under the knife.
The humble bee has been busy producing us delicious honey for centuries. Some types of honey, specifically Manuka, have been hailed by dieticians as being a super food. Very healing for some issues, can help you lose weight and make your skin look fantastic. We use honey in lots of skin products too, such as face masks.  Burt’s Bees have been using beeswax for many years, giving their clients a natural and intensive treatment for dry skin. Bee’s are one of nature’s gifts for making us look, and feel beautiful.
A few years ago, though, a lady called Deb Mitchell, discovered another way that bees could help us look younger. After spending time with her sister, a beekeeper, talking about the way bee’s sting and how if they sting, they die, Deb started looking at the similarity between bee venom and botox. She realized that if you could extract the bee venom from a bee, they wouldn’t be able to sting anyone and therefore they would potentially live longer. After a few years of research, she discovered a humane way of milking the venom from bees and went on to produce her ‘Heaven’ range of skin products. These included her ABEETOXIN range which used the bee venom to plump up the skin, visibly tighten and lift it and reduce the appearance of lines. We aren’t talking your run of the mill wrinkle reducing face cream here, at £200 for 60 ml you are getting an incredible natural cosmetic procedure. ABEETOXIN is so good that celebrities from around the world pay Deb’s to fly out with her new ideas and give them treatments at home. She has created a business, which was valued at £33 million, from a simple idea she had with her sister.
If you can’t afford the Heaven range of this natural product, then other companies have started using bee venom in their products. One company which uses 100% natural and organic ingredients is Le Creme Beaute. They do a bee venom moisturizer which is so beautiful to the touch and gives a beautiful lift to your face too. Prices are half of the ABEETOXIN range, but you won’t be disappointed at all. You can also find bee venom products for your hands too. A great way of hiding your age, we ought to have learned about that from Madonna.
Another gift from nature is Coconut oil.  This is a nourishing and deeply moisturizing oil which has a high-fat content. This can improve certain skin conditions and heal wounds, so it is ideal for soothing skin ailments and healing acne scars, it also helps to prevent acne.
Some people believe oil to the skin can clog the pores and create an adverse effect, however, coconut oil works in a different way. It hydrates the skin and softens it, sinking deep into the cells and helping to clear away all the dead skin cells which prevent a healthy complexion.
So how can it work for you? Simple. You can use it to condition or soothe your skin. It absorbs quickly and gives you silky skin. Wash your face and then dab dry with a towel and then apply a little to your face each morning and night. You won’t need a lot as it turns into a light water and goes a very long way. You can also use it for the rest of your body and can add essential oils to it for massaging. Coconut oil is also fantastic used as a cleanser or toner. It is a great makeup remover which works on waterproof mascara too. Just use on a cotton ball and wipe all over your face. If you do this, you won’t need a separate moisturizer either!
Another great way of keeping young by using coconut oil is to use it on your hair. We don’t just mean to keep it beautifully hydrated.
Coconut oil is full of all the right vitamins and nutrients to help stimulate hair growth, for women who find they are losing their eyebrows, coconut oil can be applied topically morning and evening. Over the space of 6 weeks, you will see your brows grow thicker and darker. You could also switch it up with olive oil too. Both these oils will stimulate cell regeneration and give you a real hair growing boost. If you apply it to your scalp, you will find the same effect on your hair too. Giving you thicker and fuller hair which will have fewer split ends. This will help keep you looking younger too!
Get to work with nature and see if you can avoid surgery by going au natural with your skin products. Just remember to drink plenty of water and get a full, balanced diet too. Eat well, and your skin will shine!
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