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How to Know You're Working in the Right Company


It’s not always easy to trust the decision we make in life and it’s all too easy to constantly wonder if we should be doing something else, somewhere else. That’s never more true than when we think about our careers and the companies that we work for.

The ‘grass is always greener’ way of thinking is all too familiar when we feel unsure if we are working in the right place. Weighing up the pros and cons of any company we choose to invest ourselves in can be an ongoing and confusing process. So here is our list of things to look for in your job so you can consider whether you’re working for a truly great company.

Employee Investment
Is your company truly invested in you and your career development? Does your manager spend time talking through your concerns and celebrating your victories with you? Does your department regularly organise training programmes and ways to further develop your skill set? These are all really important things to consider when looking at your future in a company.

It’s also wise to see how well you are looked after by the company as a whole. Companies such as Ellis Whittam state that all companies should be focused on their employees health and well being so if you feel that this is not the case in your company, this could be a red flag.

The Office Environment
Does your company take pride in providing a healthy and happy work environment for its employees? Do you feel that the workforce is encouraged to work together as a tight-knit team? Do they ever organise any activities our outings to make sure you are a sociable and energetic work unit?

These are really important elements that every company should be focused on. Providing a healthy and connected team dynamic is essential in order to make you feel motivated and happy in your day to day working life. So if there is something missing in this area, it’s an important issue to address.

Would Your Job be Instantly Snapped Up?
This comes back to our ‘grass is always greener’ point? Are you unsure about your job just because you’re not sure what else is out there or because you really do feel like you could do better? A good way to measure how great your job is, is to consider how quickly you think it would be snapped up if you were to walk away from it. If you think that people would be chomping at the bit to get to your job, and you’re still unsure, then maybe it’s not the company that’s the problem, but the industry. So this is worth putting a little thought into.

Look Around
Look around your colleagues and pick up on the general atmosphere in the office. If people are smiling and it’s generally a positive place to work, then you could be onto a winner. If you look forward to team meetings, because they’re interesting and dynamic, then that is a great sign that your company is doing really well at engaging its staff and keeping you all motivated.

How Does the Company Deal with Change?
Companies that respond quickly to changes in their sector generally stand up really well in the long-term. Even better than that are the companies who are continually looking for unique and innovative ways to bring about change. These are the ones to really watch out for. The companies that are bold enough to take a few risks tend to be the market leaders and the ones that are the most exciting to work for.

Is there Room for Growth?
Last but by no means least, do you feel that there are bigger and better possibilities for you in the company that you work for? Do you feel that your career progression would be supported there? Talk to your colleagues and managers and find out about their career progression within the company to get an idea whether it’s a firm that supports and encourages strong career development.

Are there any more senior positions in the company that look interesting to you that you would like to work towards? Having goals in any company that you work for are really important as they keep you focused and motivated, so these elements should definitely be food for thought.

It’s important to not make any snap decisions when it comes to your career. Take time to think about the above points and anything else that is important to you and your individual goals and aspirations and take your time to consider your next steps.

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