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High-Paying, Rewarding Careers In Fitness

There are many different careers in fitness that are both rewarding and high-paying. And if you have a love of leading a healthy lifestyle and think you could teach people their way around a treadmill or two, why don’t you try and take advantage? Of course, when you are working in a field where you are responsible for other people’s health, it’s only right that you are rewarded accordingly. So, in this guide, we’re going to go through some of the highest-paying, rewarding, and best careers in fitness.
Physical Education Teacher
Gym teachers play a hugely important role in the health and fitness of the nation’s students. As a gym teacher, you will be responsible for laying out the curriculums and activities of students, making sure that skills and interests are matched with the individual. The career prospects are excellent - you get a good starting role of over $40,000, average at $50,000, and you could even become a head teacher if you show proficiency in other areas.
Physical Therapist
Physical therapists, in essence, help people’s bodies get better. You will be treating and planning rehabilitation for patients with all kinds of problems, from car crash victims through to those suffering from sports injuries. According to, the median salary for a physical therapist is almost $85,000, and the highest ten percent of people can earn well into six figures.

Wellness Professionals
There is an enormous range of well-paid jobs in the wellness field that is to do with fitness. Take yoga, as the perfect example. As pointed out at, you could take a yoga practice into many different fields. From yoga retreats for private individuals through to running lunchtime sessions for corporate businesses - your success is completely down to you and the path you want to take.
Health Educator
If you are bright enough to get through a Bachelor’s in education, public health, or community health, you can put your skills to excellent use as a Health Educator. Your role will be encouraging healthy behavior in society, including disease prevention. It’s an exciting position, which might involve running community workshops one day and hobnobbing with state and federal administrators the next to try and influence policy.  
Athletic Trainer
Athletes are, in effect, superhumans that require an enormous amount of tuning, care, and attention. And, as an athletic trainer, you will be responsible for all of that - and a lot more besides. You could be working for professional sports teams, the military, or even local college associations as a coordinator, trainer, or director. The money’s good, too: ATs for the ATP Tour, for example, can earn around $90,000 a year.
Personal Trainer
Similar to a wellness practitioner, setting up as a personal trainer could earn you an unlimited income, depending on where you focus your business. Not only is a career as a PT rewarding, but if you grow your business and start employing others under a brand name, there are fortunes to be made. Even going it alone, you could earn up to $100,000 a year, depending on your client base and reputation.

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