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Pup Essentials; How To Prepare For A New Family Member

With so many choosing to bring their new puppy home over the festive period; you’ve probably been tempted to do the same. There’s nothing quite like the memory of the scene in Lady and the Tramp when the new puppy pops out of the box on Christmas morning. However, life can be somewhat different from Disney movies, and you’ll have plenty to prepare for if you are planning a puppy’s arrival. Aside from some sleepless nights ahead; there are an array of things to invest in and prepare the family for in advance of them getting to you. Therefore, it’s worth writing a thorough list and getting the whole family on board with the puppy plans (there’s strength on teamwork).

A new dog will bring you plenty of laughter and joy, but, just like kids; they have a tendency to wear you out and challenge you on multiple occasions when they’re young. If you’ve made up your mind that Christmas is the time where you add a new furry family member to your household; make sure you’re heading towards puppy parenthood and becoming a perfect pet owner with your eyes wide open and full of as much knowledge as possible. The following are some tips, ideas, and advice for future pup owners and how to settle them into your house with all the essentials.

Somewhere To Sleep
Puppies are hyperactive one minute and fast asleep the next; this will give you a perfect chance to pop them in a dog bed or crate so that they learn where their den is, and enjoy going there in the future for some time out. Check out places like Pet Crates Direct so that you can choose an environment that’s suitable for your pup’s size. Filling their space with soft bedding; cushions and blankets will create a cosy place for them to drift off, and training them to sleep away from you should become easier with time. They’ll be some crying during the night at first, and you’ll need to be able to wash their sheets after any accidents, but their bed will soon become one of their favorite parts of the home.

Training Treats
Treats that have been made with puppies in mind are an effective way to reward them for great behavior and teach the skills needed to be a good dog. Therefore, it’s worth stocking up so that you can begin the training process as soon as they arrive in your home.

Cleaning Equipment
Pups won’t know where to go to the toilet at first; that will come with time and patience, and dedication to their ongoing training. Therefore, they’re likely to have accidents, quite often, when they are little, so you’ll need plenty of cleaning supplies and the means to remove any odours. Dogs will return to certain areas and do the same if you don’t remove the scent from the last time, so look into products aimed at getting rid of the smell altogether, and ones that encourage your dog to go elsewhere, or outside.

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