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Can't Live With Them, Can't Live Without Them... Cats!

From the Russian Blue to the Ragdoll and from the Maine Coon to the humble moggy, cats remain the pet of choice for millions of people across the globe. Their docile nature, aloofness and cuteness mean that they can be the ideal pet. They will seduce you with their need for strokes, and they’ll lull you into a false sense of security when peacefully lying on their favorite blanket. Only when you’ve owned a cat for a couple of months, do you see the emergence of their true nature. A cat is an intelligent creature, and he or she knows it. Often your cat will take on a more sinister persona. They will spend their days sleeping, venturing outside and eating, all the while figuring out ways to annoy you merely for their own amusement.

Cats are incredible animals. They’ll look at you all doey eyed to get a quick chin rub in one instant, only to have enough and turn their back on you the next. The joy of these pets is their personalities and their cattitude. Take a look at how the wonderful species of cats can get under the skin of their owners but also why they wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’ve ever had a cat or know someone with a little moggy, you’ll understand the fussy nature of the species. A cat is picky and can smell a cheap knock off in a second. If your cat adores a popular brand of wet cat food and demolishes a bowlful within a minute of you placing it into his feeding area, he will soon sense if you’ve replaced his favourite meal with a cheaper alternative. It may look the same, smell the same and have the same ingredients in it, but he will know. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than turning his nose up at the stuff and walking away letting the wet food go dry, smelly and rancid. You might think that he’ll return when he’s hungry and that he has to eat, but you’d be wrong. He’d rather starve and make you feel guilty in the process. After a couple of weeks back on his favorite stuff, you’re thinking of buying it in bulk to save you some of your hard-earned cash. Don’t bother. Their fickle nature will dictate that as soon as you’ve bought a crate of the food, he’ll decide he no longer likes it and fancies a change.

All day, every day, your cat might be one of those felines that loves nothing more than to sleep. They’ll find their favorite spot in the house and curl up to snore away, twitching as they dream of balls of wool and mice. Bliss. What’s a tad more problematic is your purr-fect pal’s innate need to wake up the moment your head hits the pillow. It’s nearly midnight, and you need your beauty sleep. Your moggy, on the other hand, is ready to launch himself up and down the stairs, leap onto the curtains and generally use your furniture and home as an assault course. All you can do is wait until your furry friend tires himself out.

He’s A Contradiction
Cats are weird. There are no two ways about it. Your feline may spend the day doing everything to get away from you. You might fancy a cuddle with your pal, only for him to squirm and writhe every time you try to pick him up for some attention. On this particular day, he might not be interested in chin rubs, back strokes or head massages. He’s aloof, and that’s all there is to it. However, the second you head for a shower, and he’s scratching at your door frame like you’ve abandoned him forever. The wailing meows, the whimpers and the purring pull at your heartstrings. You leap out of the shower still with shampoo in your hair and open the door only to see your moggy sat staring at you. You reach down to pet him, only for him to turn his face in disgust at the human being he sees before him. Humiliated, you venture back into the shower, only for your feline to begin the scratching again. He can’t live with you and he can’t live without you. He needs to know you love him and that you’re there.

A Poorly Cat
If your cat ever gets a little under the weather, it’s often vital that they take their medicine. Attempting to catch them, however, is easier said than done. You could attempt to crush their tablet and disguise it in some of their favorite food, but they know. They just know. After a single lick of their grub, they turn to stare at you with a look that says you should’ve known better. If it’s time for the all-important de-fleaing, it pays to invest in some of the PetAction spot-ons. With a mere squeeze of a pipette onto the back of your little feline’s neck, he’s flea free for another month, and he doesn’t even realize it. You can feel like you have the upper hand, if only for a fleeting moment.

The affection that you receive from your cat can be lovely. He might sit on your lap for an hour as you watch TV, nuzzle your neck as he sits behind you on the sofa or roll onto his back as you give him some belly rubs. It’s the morning affection that is less endearing. If you ever let your cat sleep with you in your bedroom, you know the annoyance that is the kneading by your cat’s paws on your legs, chest and head. You open your eyes to see your cat millimetres away from your face, eyes squinting, waiting for you to get up. When you finally venture out of your cosy bed, your cat has decided that he’s also had enough and is more than happy without your company. But you’re up. He’s succeeded.

There is nothing better than owning a cat. They are a joy to have around, they are aloof, and they are hilarious. If you don’t mind an affectionate little critter with a mind of his own, a cat is the pet for you.

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