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Careers Choices for Those That Love to Help Others

Would you like to do some good in the world? That’s an admirable thought, but what type of careers are available to people that love to help others? Between healthcare careers, firefighting, keeping the peace or even creating products that benefit the elderly, almost anything can be changed or adapted to be beneficial to others. But as far as career choices go, here are some of the best ways to give back to society and make a living from it.

Nonprofit Project Director
If you want to do some good in the world on a large scale, starting up your own charity or nonprofit organisation can be a fantastic way to get yourself out there. Whether you want to contribute to ending world hunger or finding the cure for nasty diseases, a nonprofit organisation can have a number of different purposes. There are many challenges that come with starting up a charity and there are many complications involved when it comes to finances, taxes and legal matters. However, the feeling of helping not just a few people, but the entire world, is something that few careers could ever give you. If you’re passionate about something in the world, then creating your own nonprofit organisation to support it is one of the most fulfilling careers in the world.

Healthcare Careers
When it comes to helping others there’s nothing quite the same as saving the immediate life of someone in danger. Healthcare has hundreds of different career paths. Whether it’s becoming a software engineer to help empower doctors or becoming a surgeon, everyone has a different role in healthcare. Take a look at this article titled “How to Become a Surgical Nurse” if you want a great introduction into the world of healthcare and how someone becomes a surgical nurse. For other ideas, you could look at the technical side of healthcare such as becoming an engineer, a software developer, a network admin at a hospital or even a security guard for a healthcare centre. In short, there are many ways to offer a helping hand in healthcare and virtually any skill you have could assist someone’s life.

Research and Development
If working together with some of the world’s brightest minds to create new technologies sounds tempting, then a career in research and development is for you. It’s a career that utilises your creativity, where working in teams to come up with new ideas and efficient processes is the name of the game. It’s all about making things easier for the human race by developing new things and interesting technologies that can have applications that range from domestic cases to international purposes. A good example of this is the famous space pen. In the past, astronauts used writing instruments like pencils, but the graphite posed a hazard to space operations due to its combustible nature. As a result, a specialised space pen was created to work in zero gravity, vacuum and even extreme temperature situations. This just goes to show that research and development jobs are creative, varied and you’ll never know what you’ll be contributing towards for the betterment of mankind.

Emergency Services
Emergency services usually consists of the police, firefighters and ambulances. When people are in dire need of help, they call upon emergency services to help them in their time of need. Whether you’re working as an ambulance driver or as a police officer, working in emergency services is fulfilling and it’s the kind of job that will put you in dangerous situations. As a result, it’s not a career for the faint of heart unless you take a more indirect role. This could be manning the call centre of an emergency services department or it could mean working as an engineer to maintain important vehicles like fire trucks. Everyone has a role to play when working in emergency services, and it’s the type of job where you’ll feel proud of your work.

Educational Careers
There’s a saying that if you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day; but if you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. The same concept is why educational careers are so attractive to people that love to help others. Teaching careers can cover a wide range of circumstances. Whether you’re teaching kids how to read and write or if you’re teaching a class of students about neuroscience, there are hundreds of possibilities that can’t be explained in just a single paragraph. In addition, even niche skills have a market for educators. It could be something like teaching people how to play an instrument or educating others on how to cook. If you love to help others, then look into an educational career to spread your passion for your skills.

Social Working
People with vulnerabilities are more likely to become depressed and be subjected to difficult lives. If you want to give a helping hand to these people, then look into a career in social working. Unfortunate circumstances can make people vulnerable and society can often be unforgiving in their portrayal of these people. To change the stigma, social workers seek to provide assistance and benefits to these people in need so that they can live fulfilling lives free of criticism from their peers. Social work can include helping elderly individuals, those with mental instabilities and people with learning difficulties. It can also include people that are having trouble securing income and you may even be working with children that have been neglected or even abused. Social work is fulfilling because you end the day knowing that you’ve given assistance to people that need it in your society. Social work gets you up close and personal with the people you’re helping, so you’ll always get plenty of encouraging comments and positive feedback for doing a good job which is fantastic motivation.

These are just a few examples of career choices that involve helping others. It’s important to remember that almost any job involves helping others, but these career choices are a more direct way to assist others.

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