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Christmas Gift Ideas For Older Women

Buying Christmas gifts is a bit of a double edged sword. It’s amazing to watch your loved ones open a great gift that they absolutely love, but finding that gift in the first place can be a real headache. Online shopping has taken a bit of the stress out of it because it means you don’t always have to brave the shopping centres during Christmas when they’re full of huge crowds of people, all rushing around trying to find the perfect gift. But ordering online doesn’t mean that it’s easy. You still need to come up with a good idea year after year.

Men are typically the ones that people struggle to buy for. They’re difficult and they’ll never tell you what they want so they usually end up with socks or a jumper. But older women are often just as hard to find gifts for. In their later years, it gets more difficult to find something that they’ll actually want and mums are often left with rubbish gifts just like dads. If you’re stuck for gift ideas for the older women in your family, here are some great ideas.

Loneliness is a big problem amongst the older generation so why not use Christmas as an opportunity to solve it? Getting them a dog or a cat gives them a new friend to keep them company during the day when nobody else is around. A pet can also help them to keep active when they’re taking it on walks and playing with it etc. Keeping an active body and mind is increasingly important for the older generation so a pet is not only a great gift but it’s good for their health as well. However, don’t get them a pet if you don’t think that they’ll be able to cope with looking after it. It’s probably best that you don’t make this gift a surprise and you ask them whether they would like one before you buy it.

Clothes are often seen as a bit of a copout but if you get it right, they still make a great Christmas gift. A nice knit top or sweater from somewhere like is perfect because they’re stylish, but not too young. Trying to go for something that you might wear isn’t going to work, your mum isn’t going to like it. When you’re getting clothes, don’t go for something practical because it doesn’t make a great gift. Get something stylish and fun instead.

Spa Day

The older generation is generally not that bothered about having loads of new stuff for Christmas. They don’t need much and you don’t want to clutter up their house with loads of stuff that they’ll never use. It’s often better to get them an experience of some kind. A spa day is a wonderful gift for the older woman and it gives them a chance to get away from it all and relax for the day. Most spas offer gift vouchers of a certain value so they can choose all of their own treatments when they go. Getting two tickets is a great way for you to spend some quality time with them as well.

Books are another gift that people tend to use as a safe option but the thing is, it’s probably more welcome that a lot of the stuff that’s advertised over Christmas. Older family members don’t want anything too over the top and if they like reading, a good book is something that you know they’ll actually get some use out of. If they’re into their reading and they’re fairly good with technology, why not get them a Kindle? The original versions are very simple to operate so they should get along fine with it.

Personalized Photo Gifts
When you get older you start to get a bit more perspective on the things that are most important in life. Older generations are more interested in memories with their families and friends than they are in money or stuff, that’s why personalized photo gifts are a great gift option for them. There are so many companies out there these days that will put your photos on almost anything, visit for a list of some of the best ones. You could always get some pillows or even marshmallows with photos of the family on but that’s a bit tacky. It’s much better to have a great photo album made up with nice binding and some great shots of the family together. They’ll be sure to love it.

Try one of these great ideas this year and you should be able to take the hassle out of buying gifts for older women.

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