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How Fashion Has Evolved

Fashion is a wonderful thing. It has the power to change someones appearance for the better, and in some cases for the worse. But whatever it may be, fashion truly is a wonderful thing, and over the years it has evolved massively. A few mistakes have definitely be learnt along the way, and some fashion was that successful it is even coming back into play now.

The fashion we see today is also massively influenced by the people working in the industry, and celebrities. Celebrities and social media might just be one of the biggest influences, with stars such as Kanye and Kim west shaping the fashion world as we know it. There’s also the big designers that have come about in recent years that continue to make a difference such as Tom Ford and Donatella Versace. But, if there’s one thing we do know about fashion, it’s that there’s so many different views of what’s good and what’s not. Some people view catwalk fashion as a work of art, whilst some view it as a disaster. But if there’s one thing we all share, it’s the love of clothing and this article is going to explore how this love of clothing has evolved over the years.

Let’s start way back. The 1960’s was a time where everything in the world seemed right. There wasn’t much conflict, and it was generally a better time to live. The fashion back then was so much more reserved compared to what it is now. It was the year of flares for the men, and cute shapeless dresses, usually in some form of crazy colour. In a way the fashion was much more sweet and innocent. A lot was left to the imagination, unlike now. For the most part, it was simplistic, minus the colours. The men wore tight flared jeans, usually with a turtleneck style jumper. Women also used to like wearing the two piece skirt and blouse combination. But it wasn’t the blouse we know, it was more of a blazer blouse, but the top and bottom were always matching. Sometimes they’d push the boat out and have some floral typed pattern on the top and skirt. The outfit was always accompanied by a small little handbag, some things just don’t change today do the?

This is where things got a little bit more daring. Both women and men began experimenting with different styles. Women in particular dared to push the boat out a little further. It was also the time of the hippies, so some fashion in a way was a bit crazy. But, in recent years that hippie style fashion came back, especially in the UK. Everyone loved a good tye dye top and the classic small framed glasses. But that was just one class of people who created their own style. For the most part, retro is the word used to describe the fashion at the time. The bright style that the 1960’s loved still carried on through to the 80’s, but the style changed completely. Tracksuits, tailored suits, and weird and wacky jumpers were all on the list. By then Nike had been born and so had comfort for a lot of people. The flared cropped three quarter trousers the so many people know and love were born in the 80’s, It was considered a smart look back then, and women usually couple it with a plain tee tucked into the trousers, pretty much like people do today. But if it wasn’t colourful, it wasn’t any good. The suits for the men however were much of an improvement to the 60’s.

Ahhh, the era many of us know and love. This is where the term the shorter the better was definitely introduced. Flared jeans were still popular, but couple with a tight cropped top instead of a cute full length one. Leather was also a hell of a lot more popular, especially for skirts. Cargo pants were also a big hit with the men, as the famous band the backstreet boys will display in their videos. It was a time of relaxed fashion, mixed with a little bit of craziness from the girls. To be honest, the 2000’s was a time where anything went. People put together their own fashion, and others copied. Sort of like what happens today. It was a time where you could wear what you wanted, and felt free in doing so. The short denim skirt was also born in the 2000’s. It was a fashion trend that was loved back then, and is even loved today by so many around the world. Since, then we’ve still taken inspiration into what we wear today. Men also loved a good puffer jacket, and the suits got even smarter. The main thing to take away from the 2000’s is that it was ok to show a bit of belly and leg, a lot more than it was in the 1980’s anyway!

Fashion in a way has taken a turn for the crazy if you look at catwalk fashion. But normal everyday fashion for the people who can’t afford the high end brands is pretty simplistic and smart. There’s so many different looks for so many different occasions. Party dresses, skater dresses, casual dresses, bodycon dresses. The 21st century has created it all. There’s so many bargains to be had as well. With online shopping being so huge, it is even easier to find something that suits you. There’s always a discount to be had as well. Using sites such as saves people an absolute fortune. This is a luxury people in the 60’s to 80’s just didn’t have. If there’s one amazing thing about present fashion it’s that there’s literally something for everyone, and anyone can create their own unique style and run with it.

This should have made it easier to show you how much fashion has evolved over the years. A lot would say for the better, but we’re sure there’s something from every era that everyone can love.

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