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Natural Fixes For Problem Skin

Confidence. It’s a word that nearly every woman uses to describe anyone but herself. To be confident, you have to be secure within yourself. You have to believe in yourself. When you’re at work or with your friends, it’s likely that you feel envious of those who come across as confident and together, when actually most people are totally faking it and just as insecure and worrisome as you are. But, what makes someone confident? Is it the clothes that they wear? Is it the security of their bank account? Is it a sheer rejection of anything that resembles conformity, so that they can be happy with exactly who they are? It’s likely a huge mix of all of those things. It’s often far easier to focus on flaws than it is to focus on what makes you beautiful, which is why confidence is such an issue among women.

If someone was to ask you what part of your life you would like to work on, it’s more likely that you will answer with a weakness to be fixed, a flaw to be smoothed or a failing to be strengthened. When you spend your time focusing on the flaws about you, you point out your insecurity. It’s inbuilt within us to prioritise our weaknesses and faults over our strengths. We measure our growth by whether we have managed to fix the problems about ourselves. Sometimes, these problems are personality based and other times, these are physical issues that we hone in on and pick at. We spend so much time on the weaknesses that we have, that we leave very little time for our strengths. Our flaws are focused on from a very young age. At school, we are told where we need to do better. We are told where improvements should be made to make us work harder and do more. Bullies on the playground pick on us for the hairstyles we have, the skin that develops through puberty and even the clothes we wear. So, it makes sense that we have it ingrained that our flaws need more work than our strengths.

The problem here, is that once you have it in your head that there is a problem, you grip onto it. Your confidence about the hair colour you once loved, your freckles on your skin or your clothes gets slowly diminished due to the words of others. The good news? You can get that confidence back. You can learn to focus on your positives and not your negatives. You can learn how to embrace the changes in your body as you grow, and you can put some effort into making yourself look good, which in turn makes you feel good. The better you feel, the more you own it. It doesn’t help that wherever you look on magazines and social media, there are flawless looking women with perfectly shiny hair and skin so smooth that it looks as if there are no pores. Shall we let you in on a secret? These women aren’t real. Sure, they look it. Their photographs were taken, weren’t they? But then photoshop was applied. Makeup was applied. If you strip back the women you envy for the perfect skin and amazing hair, you’ll find someone with just as much difficulty with their skin as anyone. You’ll find they have struggles balancing greasy skin with a dry, dull pallor.

Our skin is deeply linked to our outward perception of beautiful. We rush to cover up blemishes, freckles and spots as if the whole world could end because of a spot on the chin. We rely on our skin looking good for us to feel confident, and these statistics show that there are women who believe that their skin issues hold them back from living life to the absolute fullest. It makes sense in a world of high-tech cameras and SnapChat filters. We are taught every single day to hide our flaws and aim for constant perfection. Everyone should be standing up and saying, ‘who cares?’. Who cares if we have freckles? Who cares if we have spots during our time of the month? Who cares if we blush when we show our emotions? We don’t need to cover up every single perceived flaw. However, it is understandable that some people out there are utterly crippled by the idea that they have to put down the war paint and stop masking their flaws. Flaws define a lot of people, which is a sad reality.

Sometimes, the issues aren’t just about confidence. The skin on your face is a reflection of your overall health. A face that is glowing, beautiful and balanced in colour is often the result of proper care and hydration. You also can have beautifully glowing skin simply by eating a diet rich in nutrients. Skin that is covered in blackheads, pimples, and acne is often a sign of an imbalance in hormones, bad nutrition and stress. If your skin resembles that description, then it’s no wonder you feel insecure. Your face is on display for all to see, and you want your face to look glowing and healthy – it promotes confidence, doesn’t it? When you look good, you feel good, right?

The good news is that you don’t have to live with problem skin. You can look up where to buy Lifecell skin care cream to fix the issues that you are plagued with, you can speak to the doctor about your skin and get a fix on prescription, or you can go natural. Everyone’s skin is different, so the treatment that you use for your particular skin type won’t be the same as the friends you have or the people you know. There are a lot of ways to correct a problem that is bringing you down, and that’s why we’ve put together these natural ways to fix problem skin.

Gentle Cleansing.
Never, ever pick at spots. It can be tempting to squeeze them, to break them and to scratch them, but once you do that, you encourage scarring. Getting rid of the most stubborn pimples can be difficult, but it starts with a thorough – and gentle – cleansing of the skin. Make up your own honey face wash, which you can find here. The honey in the mix soothes the skin, the coconut oil fights fungus that breeds on the surface of the skin and tea tree oil is there purely for invigorating tired skin cells. Never scrub at your face. Gently wash and rinse before patting dry. Cleanse too much and you can risk an overproduction of the skins oils, which can make you greasier than planned!

Gentle Toning.
Most people aren’t quite sure what toning can do for their skin. Well, it’s an important step in the whole of the skincare routine that can remove residues left on the skin’s surface. Apple cider vinegar is a perfect natural toner for your skin, as it has enzymes that kill various bacteria which is the biggest cause of acne.

Healing Masks.
There are so many amazing recipes for healing skin masks out there that hydrate your skin. These recipes here are fantastic, natural recipes for looking after your skin and making it healthy again. They’re also an amazing pamper treat, so that when you have come home from a long day at work you can rest and relax while feeling you’re in a spa. There’s nothing that does more for your confidence than looking after yourself, and a healing skin mask does just that.

Sun Coverage
You’ve seen them – the people that bask in the sunshine and end up with skin like old leather. Sun damage is one of the biggest causes and using natural sunscreens, staying out of the sun and keeping your skin covered as much as possible in hot weather is important. These recipes for natural sunscreens are better for your skin than the commercial ones, as those other ones are packed with chemicals which can be irritating to your skin.

Essential Oils
Suffering from acne or repetitive spots can be debilitating to your confidence, especially as it can leave your skin looking scarred. The sooner you begin treating the scars, the better off you will be over time to get the best results. Coconut oil, lavender oil and tea tree oil are all best for reducing the appearance of acne related scars.

Acne and spots often go away on their own, but it’s understandable that you would want to do everything you can to reduce the appearance of spots on the skin. Always talk to your doctor first as acne is a skin condition is difficult to combat on your own in extreme cases. Try not to rely on the appearance of your skin to boost your level of confidence. Confidence is what every woman wants to feel and when you have confidence, you can learn to put down the makeup and filters and own your skin – problems and all.

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