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The Power Of Developmental Purpose

We all know that to live a life well, we must keep close some form of purpose to our hearts. This means finding what you truly desire, and chipping away that goal. This can often last and sustain you for years. The art of heading towards something you truly desire will orient you, and this is especially important in a world where over comfort, being sheltered and scared of the political chaos are all things you can feel in one fell swoop.

However, finding a purpose is only 10% of the process. Working towards it will make the bulk of your time. We’d argue that a purpose that can develop as you achieve minor goals towards it is the best option. This is something students understand. The pursuit of a bachelor's degree could blossom into a much more suitable accredited online mba, pushing you towards success even further.

To use a further example, do you hope to be a phenomenal author one day? Well, first of all, why not try to read at least two books a week? Can you do that? Stephen King once argued that in order to get on his level of plot creation and writing success, you must read at least five hours a day.

This sounds like an insane amount of time to the average working person, but that’s often the price of success. After you have improved your reading schedule, could you begin practising your technique by writing very small stories? You see the power of developmental purpose from this perspective, but we’d like to explore it further:

Developmental Purpose Connects You With People
Developing your purpose will always put you in connection with people you should be around. People who are on the same wavelength as you. We’re going to run with the writing example here, because it can be the best to frame understandably. A budding writer might be interested in joining a writers group, attending conventions, or simply heading to book signings.

This can help you greet people in a similar situation to you, and by both of your efforts and mutual inspiration, you might arrive at an end product better than you might have pulled off yourself. Plus, meeting friends who have a similar approach to goal setting will be those of solid integrity. People are simply better and more connected when they’re inspired, and happy that their dreams are being realized.

Developmental Purpose Is Flexible
The interesting thing about purpose is that it’s never the same upon arrival as when you planned it out. This is because the art of training yourself will open you up to new avenues, and more suitable horizons. This can motivate someone who might be struggling to stick to their original goal, as no goal is set in concrete. If you find during your efforts writing novels that your real strength lies in poetry, then you have found a skill previously untapped due to your efforts in a similar field. The flexibility of individual purpose is just so because it’s yours, and nobody elses. This is a great way to anchor yourself in your self-respect, which can benefit you life-long.

With these purposeful insights, you’re much more likely to enjoy

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