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Resolving Issues At Work

If you are currently dealing with issues in the workplace, you can often feel stuck. Stuck working in place where you are being made to feel stressed and depressed. Stuck needing a job and an income but feeling like you can’t move to another company because of commitments in the role that you are in. Resolving issues in the workplace is rather an art – you have to be able to resolve the issue without causing further problems for yourself, and that’s not easy. Feelings of dread as you head to work everyday are not easy to cope with, but you can manage it. There are ways around feeling friction in the workplace, and there are three choices ahead of you: you can deal with it, look for another job or talk to your management team about your concerns.Let’s face it, you need your income and so the best thing you can start doing is solving the problems before they become irreversible.

You may be having a tough time of it at work, but if your job is one that you really enjoy and took you some time to find, you may be reluctant to change jobs. The thing is, you could love your job and still find yourself feeling pushed out. People don’t leave good jobs, they leave bad managers who don’t know how to handle employees. Workplace problems don’t just end with bad management, though. Issues with shoddy health and safety leading to injuries are a reason that people can find themselves out of the workplace and still dealing with issues.

Of course, if you are encountering problems in the workplace because of an injury that has left you laid up and running out of money, that’s an entirely different problem to dealing with friction with management. Dealing with workplace problems while you’re in the office is easier than trying to deal with them from a sick bed at home. Unfortunately, an injury that puts you out of work means that you can’t just deal with the issues face to face. If you find you have been put out of action due to an injury, and you may not end up returning to the office you’ve worked in for so long, you should be looking at workers compensation to help you get through the tough times financially. There are many ways you can ensure that you work around your problems at work, unless you are at home and signed off work.

A lack of communication in the workplace can be the biggest problem you encounter. The best way to resolve this? SPEAK! Call a meeting, hash out your biggest fears and worries and discuss how to move forward with ease. If you are feeling as if you are working on eggshells, you need to nip it in the bud as quickly as possible. Your safety and your health at work matter, and this includes your mental health. When you get signed off work due to an injury, you need workplace support from your peers and mentors so that you can feel like there is a way back into the office later on. If there is no way back, because the injury is permanent, or because the relationship with the management in the office breaks down, then you need to work out what comes next for you.

Discussing work issues with your direct team leaders can get complicated if not handled correctly. It’s not easy for an employee to say what they think without there being a risk of retaliation, and that’s where it comes in about bad management. Good, strong and confident company owners can take constructive criticism. Weak management teams with big egos cannot manage criticism and so would prefer to erase the person complaining than deal with the issue at hand. It’s a legitimate concern for anyone that their opinion could get them fired, and your ability to be continually successful at work depends very much on whether you can be free to air concerns. You could easily encounter issues with your performance in the workplace purely because of the stress you are put under by people directly in charge of you. The resolution tactic here that you should immediately consider is discussing with your boss your concerns. It’s a professional way to handle things and it’s the best way that you can approach a problem. If you go above their head in the first instance, you could find yourself feeling even more friction and could significantly make the problem worse. Pride and ego do come into play in the workplace – make sure you know how to manage those!

If you have had a conflict with a boss or a coworker, you need to figure out whether this is a personality clash or whether you are feeling like that because you have a different work style to them. If the latter is the case, you can approach the situation by explaining that you appreciate the difference in working styles, but you would like to learn how they approach any situation so that you can learn to work together. When the issue comes down to a personality clash, the best option is to work out whether you can shift to a different department in the same company.

When the workplace problem comes from feeling undervalued, you need to call a meeting and ask directly what it the expectations for your role are and how you can meet them. If you don’t feel valued, you need to speak up and say so. There is a very good chance that the people you work for don’t know that you feel that way, and the only way anything can change and move forward is if you know where you stand. Long working hours and low pay rates can make anyone feel underappreciated, and yet the long hours could be put upon you simply because you are good at your role.

Conflict resolution at work is a difficult pill to swallow, but you don’t have to do it alone. The HR department is there to support you through any issues, so approach them and use their knowledge to help you.

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