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Taking Your Career Around the World


When it comes to careers, many people will spend the majority of their time behind the same desk, day in and day out. This can quickly grow dull, but the lull of routine and habit mean that people become stagnant and stay put. Is this something that you want to aspire to? Of course not! Why would you want to stay in the same spot permanently when the whole world is out there waiting. Luckily, advancements in travel and technology mean that you can easily take your career around the world with you. Here are just a few ways to advance your career without being cooped up in an office!

Engage in Distance Learning
If you haven’t yet secured a job or are between jobs, you may be considering heading into education to gain qualifications that will boost your resume or allow you to set up a business of your own. This will usually mean enrolling at a higher education institution and frequenting the same old campus day in and day out to attend lectures and seminars. But why not engage with distance learning instead? Courses such as international accounting and finance msc allow you study online. This means that you can fit your education in around various other activities, such as travel. Remember that travel doesn’t only look great on your resume. It also gives you the chance to scope out different markets around the world and put your studies to practical and real-life use. Perfect!

Go Freelance
If you’ve already settled into a career, why not consider going freelance? You likely have plenty of experience which will attract the attention of potential clients, so you needn’t worry too much about asking people to simply trust that you’ll do your job properly. Just build up a portfolio of your previous achievements to showcase should clients request examples of your previous work. Going freelance also means that you can work from anywhere you, please. This option proves the simplest for those who can complete their work from remote locations such as the home. If you can work on your laptop and email your final pieces to clients over email, you’re pretty much set to go! Your office is wherever you happen to be: your accommodation, a coffee shop, a local library… you name it. But who said these have to be in your hometown? This accommodation, coffee shop, or local library could be absolutely anywhere! The world is your oyster!

Take Business Trips
A simple way to stay employed but also experience the wider world is to undertake business trips. These allow you to get out of your usual environment while also being productive. Arrange meetings with potential overseas clients or partners and use the trip as an opportunity to see the wider world! Opening your eyes to how other cultures deal with business could also prove extremely beneficial for your own position or business too.

As you can see, you don’t necessarily have to stay put in the same place forever to make a success of your career. In fact, taking your career to an international stage can vastly improve your prospects!

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