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Foodies Unite! The Best Global Destinations For Amazing Food

There is plenty that you might be keen on getting out of your travels. You might be interested in seeing cultures and how they differ, or maybe you have a soft spot for a particular people. Something that most people would agree on is that, wherever you go, hat you eat is always going to be a huge part of the experience. But for some, the food is more than that - it’s the whole point. If you are a real food lover and you are keen to experience some of the best in the world, then you might want to take a look at the following. Here are some of the world’s best locations for amazing food, including a few which you might never have considered or even heard of.

This bustling and highly modernized city in Indonesia has plenty going for it, good and bad. But something that must be said for it is that it has one of the best foodie palettes that you will find anywhere in the world. Once you look past the truly bustling and bust nature of this metropolis, you start to find a food culture which can hardly be compared to quite anywhere, even some of its closest Asian neighbors. The cuisine is varied enough to be appreciated y most travellers and visitors, and for true foodies the city offers a splendid chance to experience some truly genuine and traditional food.

As a city, it is a wonderful place to visit anyway. A brief glance through will show you that it is both affordable and popular. Yet, it is the cuisine which really brings it alive, and there are a range of flavors which you can easily expect to taste in this diverse location. You will come across countless markets and street food vendors offering the best in Indonesian cuisine, meaning you are able to eat just as the locals do. But if you are a particularly cautious traveller, you do have the option of eating at a chain such as Sate Khas Senayan, who you can trust for their high levels of hygiene, but who will still offer you some of the best Indonesian food around. Given that there are 33 provinces throughout Indonesia, there are plenty of food styles for you to try, and most of them can be found within Jakarta’s city walls. This makes it a delightfully perfect destination for anyone wishing to have a foodie tour of the country, but without actually having to visit all of its corners.

As is often the case with such modernized cities, if you are looking for other kinds of food too, then you will be in luck, you can also find French, Chinese, and some Western food dishes here, so if you want something that tastes a little more like home, you should have no trouble finding it. But it is in the traditional dishes served up by the vendors on the street where your taste buds will really be getting the full experience.

It is often amazing just how many kinds of food there are in the world. When you stop and think about it, you have countless options to choose from, and a million different ways that people's across the planet deal with the same basic ingredients. The perfect example of this is how many different ways there are to cook and eat chicken, the most basic and yet most versatile of all meats. One of the world’s most famous and most adored treatments of this meat is the Jamaican way, something which you can experience in most cities around the world, thanks to the fact that there is always a Jamaican cafe to be found somewhere. Jerk chicken is, of course, a favorite, and we all know the tastes involved in such a dish. Or do we?

Visiting Jamaica will make you realize that you have never truly had jerk chicken until now. The range of spices in this dish can be incredibly diverse and even colorful, and it is a favorite for a reason. But if you visit Jamaica for its food, you will find many delights beyond the world-famous chicken dish and rice and peas. This beautiful country is also home to some of the most ingenious combinations of food you can find anywhere in the world. For a breakfast, you might consider having the national fruit, ackee, fried with a little codfish for a beautiful taste you would never have guessed could be possible to produce. For meat lovers, there is oxtail and even goat to devour, often enjoyed in hearty stews and broths bursting full of spicy flavor.


Of course, no mention of the food of Jamaica would be complete without paying homage to its natural delicacies. This in many respects is a land of burgeoning fruits, and you will be able to discover all of the plentiful tropical fruits that you can imagine in this country. From pineapples and bananas onwards, you will find that there are a million fruits waiting to burst in your mouth. For a little something extra, also consider juicing them up for a soothing and cooling smoothie - ideal in that sun-laden paradise.

Over to Europe, and we can see that one of the most popular tourist destinations is not actually well-known for its food. Yet, the historic culture within Germany means that you can expect to experience a delightful range of different tastes, including some which you might never have considered to be German. Along with a number of its close neighbors, the Germany food lovers tend to think of has a reputation for heavy and dense foods. Sure, there might be certain dishes which appear that way, but look under the surface and you find that Germany actually has much more to offer than is generally perceived to be the case. So what can you expect to eat if you do visit Germany this year?

For a start, the obvious. You will likely be served a range of breads and pretzels, and you might need to get used to just how much bread there can be in a single sitting at any restaurant. Likewise, you will experience all of the strudels and sauces you would expect, although these are generally more flavorful than in many other imitations around the world. One of the nation’s food obsessions is the sausage, and the good news there is that over the years they have genuinely perfected how to make the perfect banger. What might surprise you is just how many ways they find to use the sausage in their dishes, ranging from casseroles and stews to more traditional and obvious incarnations. You can’t really visit Germany without trying a sausage or two, so make sure that you do.

To wash it all down, you will find one of the greatest ranges of beer anywhere in the world. If you are particularly keen to experience the many kinds of beer (and to have it served in a traditional tankard), make sure to go in time or Oktoberfest or any of its other foodie festivals, as these are the perfect opportunity to try out a huge range of beers in one setting.

For the vegetarian and even vegan there are a surprising number of hospitable eateries these days, and the Germans are quite adept at ensuring that you will be served dishes full of flavor and variation too. Put simply, Germany is a country where you can expect some of the world’s best food cooked to perfection (and just to your liking), and for some of the lower prices anywhere in Europe.

Back over to Asia, and we have here one of the world’s greatest food hotspots that you can possibly experience. If you have never visited Burma, you will find it to be the kind of travelling that really affects you. The culture shock and trying to get around alone can be really quite something, particularly if you are not a frequent traveller. However, it is worth it just if you get to eat some of the local food - a delightful range of highly spiced and hugely flavorful dishes, served still in many traditional forms which you might never have seen anywhere else in the world, even in some of its closest neighbors.

Burma can offer the traveller a completely unique food style like no other, but close cousins perhaps to Thai or Vietnamese. Forget what you think you know about Asian food; whatever you might have expected, Burma has a way of throwing these expectations into the air in such a way that you don’t know quite what is going to happen in your tastebuds next. A truly fascinating and varied experience which you won’t find anywhere else in the world.

A foodie tour of the world is up there on many bucket lists, but choosing the locations can be hard to do. The above are just a taster of the sorts of areas which might be suitable, but with true extensive travelling you will be bound to find yet more besides which you can then report back to friends and family, and spread the word and share the love.

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