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Surprising Ways Pets Can Give Your Mental Health a Boost

The stigma around mental health is being broken down bit by bit in life, on social media, and with celebrities alike. And as a result, we can be more open about how we are feeling and remembering that it is okay not to be okay. While there are many interventions and medications out there, one thing that could benefit anyone that is suffering with depression or anxiety, as examples, is by getting a pet. It can have quite a profound impact on mental health and overall wellbeing. Not convinced? Here are some ways that a pet could help.


Pets Reduce Stress
We can all feel stress in our lives, from work or our home life, there are a lot of pressure on us. But there is plenty of research that has shown that simply petting a dog, for example, can really help to reduce stress. Even watching fish in a tank can help to calm you and help with mindfulness. You get a connection with them without any questions asked that could stress your further, so why aren’t more of us doing this?

Constant Companionship
If you’re lonely or feel like you don’t want to go out and socialize all of the time, then having a pet to keep you company can be just what you need. As has been said, you get the connection and comfort with a pet, but you don’t have to have a stressful or anxiety-inducing conversation. It is simply companionship. So it can help you if you are quite introverted or feeling lonely.

Gives Your Routine and Interaction
If you’re having a particularly bad day, the temptation to just stay in bed all day can be very real. But in reality, that is unlikely to help you to feel better. But when you have a pet, you don’t have the option of just staying in bed all day. They will require feeding, cleaning, or taken for a walk. So it can give you a much-needed purpose and some motivation to get up n get going. This can help your self-esteem massively, as well as your overall health. So if you think this could really benefit you, then it could be worth looking into getting an Emotional Support Animal. You could get apply for an ESA doctor's note online to get the process started. You never know, it could really benefit you.

Improves Your Fitness
Exercise is going to help you to feel better about yourself, as it gives your body a boost of good hormones, as well as helps you to feel stronger and be fitter. Making everyday easier than before. So having a reason to get out and get moving is going to be really beneficial. A pet dog, for example, is a great reason to be out and about and getting fit. You are going to be more active with a pet that needs playing with or needs to be walked. And the benefits are going to really show.

Have you had any experience of this? Would love to hear what you think.

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