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Urban Chameleon: Streetwear Style That Births Confidence

No one can really pin down where the modern version of b-bop style comes from, but streetwear looks like it's here to stay. It's essentially coming out of the urban scene because originally it was born out of the hip-hop scene merging with the hipster culture. Practical yet cool and relevant to music, art and city nightlife, streetwear can be worn by almost anyone. The style is formless, which is why so many students who don’t have a lot of cash to splash out on fashion items, have taken to the style like a duck to water. However, the icons that have made this genre famous can be deemed one or two generations above them. If you can’t find a particular style that suits you and you’re the type of man who is lacking a little confidence, don’t worry any longer. The reason why anyone can pull off this urban look is because it's a formless style, without rules and strict codes or traditions. Almost anything can be mixed into it, giving you a chance to add your spin on things.

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Snapbacks and laser cap
Made popular in hip-hop, the snapback cap has become more and more mainstream since popular music stars have been wearing them in their music videos. This kind of clothing item has founds its way seeping into streetwear and into the urban scenes. Men in their late teens, twenties and thirties can all wear this kind of cap and not look out of place or trying to be something they’re not. If you’re suffering from early male pattern baldness and don’t want to retreat into hats just for the sake of it, you have the option of turning the form into function. With a product like Capillus, modern technology blends into whatever kind of style you’re going to wear. It uses little lasers to focus in on your fading hair follicles and slowly but surely bring them back to full strength. Any onlookers won’t even know this is occurring because they’re on the inside and the cap is still flexible.


Tears and patches
There used to be a time when ripped jeans were only worn during the summer. At times there was a cultural notion that only women could pull off ripped jeans, but the streetwear scene has rejected this claim. Men can and should try to wear ripped jeans that are done in a specific way. Rips and tears should be done around the quadriceps area, just above the knee. Be careful to not give too much credence to jeans with stylish tears placed higher up the thigh as your undergarments such as boxers and briefs may be seen. Patches have come back into style thanks to the hipster culture, but as aforementioned, streetwear borrows much from its cousin. Knee and calf patches in different shades to the main color of the jeans give off a rugged yet youthful demeanor.

The great thing about streetwear is that it's a mix and match of different already proven styles. It's a cross between hip-hop and modern hipster cultures that any man lacking confidence can pull off.

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