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Choosing the Best Travel Companion for Your Next Getaway

If you’re planning on heading away from home at some point in the upcoming year, chances are that you have already looked into different destinations, different excursions and activities, and different ways of getting from A to B. But have you put much thought into who you are going to travel with? Your travel companion really can make or break a trip. A trip to somewhere that isn’t all too exciting and lacks things to see and do with someone you get on really well with will generally be better enjoyed than a trip to a stunning and luxurious location with someone you can’t stand. So, let’s take a moment to consider a few different companions that you might want to consider before agreeing to a trip and heading away!

Your Partner

We’ve all spent a little time at some point or another browsing couples travel accounts on Instagram and couples travel boards on Pinterest. They portray perfect bohemian relationships, with beautiful couples holding hands in stunning locations, chinking glasses over stunning local cuisine, and rubbing lotion into one another’s backs on beautiful beaches. This, of course, could be a reality. But remember that these accounts post idealised and generally unrealistic content. Chances are that you are going to find yourself in some pretty intense situations when you are travelling the world and depending on your relationship, your partner could prove to be the perfect support or could really end up rubbing you up the wrong way. If you are in a relatively new relationship, you might want to stick to short and sweet weekend breaks or city breaks for a few days. Either that or a romantic beach getaway with luxuries and comforts all around. These tend to limit the amount of time that tensions could rise in, or they tend to be extremely relaxing and laid back - both factors can minimise arguments and problems from developing. If you have been with your partner for a little longer, are already familiar with your partner’s quirks, and aren’t going to be embarrassed if you’re hit with a bout of diarrhoea inducing food poisoning from ill chosen street food, a round the world trip could actually prove to be an experience that bonds you together in a way that no other activity could.

A Friend

Another popular choice of travel companion is a close friend. But let us put an emphasis on the word “close”. Many people make spontaneous travel plans with new acquaintances or friends in a bid to strengthen relationships and enjoy yourselves together. But again, travel can be difficult and intense. If you are with someone new, you may not be familiar with how your behaviour can irritate one other when you are exposed to one another around the clock. Older and more firm friends tend to have ironed out and accepted flaws and problems by the point that they are planning on heading away together.

A Pet

We tend to associate our pets with our homes - they’re there when we return home at the end of a long day at work or out socialising. When we head away on vacation, we tend to leave them under the supervision at kennels and pet care centres, or we leave them well looked after by our friends and family members. But if you’re planning on heading away for a longer period of time and you don’t want your pet to experience separation anxiety, or you feel that you’ll miss them too much, you should bear in mind that you can travel with your pet. You will have to check out these 10 pet friendly airports, ensure that the accommodation that you have booked is pet friendly, and ensure that your pet has received any necessary vaccinations to be safe further from home.

Going Solo

Remember that you do not necessarily have to have any travel partner when heading out on a grand adventure. Traveling solo can be an extremely appealing option, especially for the more independent individuals amongst us. Traveling solo can teach you a whole lot about yourself. It can encourage confidence. It can encourage us to pick up tips and tricks that we will use later in life. However, you do need to make sure to be especially careful when traveling solo. Being alone can see you considered as increasingly vulnerable. If you are in a rural area, hiking, or engaging in sports such as mountain climbing, you won’t have anyone to call for help if you injure yourself or become unconscious. If you stay in the city, you might be more vulnerable to crime. So, make sure that this is definitely something that you want to do before committing to heading away and to take extra steps to ensure your safety.

You could travel with other people, but these are perhaps some of the best companions that you will find out there! Make sure to put plenty of thought when making this decision, as it can really make or break your get away!

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