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When we think about traveling, we usually focus almost exclusively on the upsides. You know, the adventures, the people that we meet, the food, and the good life. Yet, though that’s what we might hold in our mind when we’re planning our trips, there is another side, too. And that is that there will be times when we’re feeling less comfortable than we’d like to feel, and we’re half-wishing that we could be at home, where everything makes sense, and our trusty bed is just a few steps away. Indeed, it’s the uncomfortable aspects that prompt many people to give up their traveling days, and “settle down.” 

But what if there was a way to stay comfortable while we’re exploring new places? Well, there might just be a way to up your comfort levels if you’ve thus far been freewheeling it. We take a look at a few tried and tested ways you can increase your comfort, no matter where in the world you happen to be. 


Know the Destination
The first step towards comfort is to understand your destination. You’ll find it hard to stay comfortable if you’re visiting during the one month that the region gets extreme weather (either hot or cold), and you’re underprepared to handle the temperatures. A little bit of Googling can go a long way! Understanding what to expect when you arrive will be the first step towards packing well and planning your trip (for example, there are places in Europe that get so hot during July that people don’t go outside) to ensure maximum comfort. 

In Transit
It’s relatively easy to be in comfort when you’re in your hotel room or wherever, but there’s a big gap between leaving your home and arriving at your hotel room. In some cases, you might have traveled many thousands of miles before you get to that stage. If you’ve got a long flight, then it’s important that you’re taking steps to keep yourself comfortable during the journey. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a destination all ready to have fun, but feeling beaten up from the journey. If you’ve got a long flight, it might be worthwhile paying a little extra to up your comfort (such as paying for more leg room). If that’s not an option, then at least make sure that you’re wearing clothes you feel relaxed in. A plane journey is not a fashion show -- go for comfort over style. 

Comfortable Shoes

One thing that takes many people by surprise when they’re traveling is all the walking that they do. They’re excited to see everything, but they’re not ready to do all the walking that’s involved. If you’ve got a relatively sedentary lifestyle in your home life (which is more or less everyone these days), then you might find it difficult to walk for miles on end. To get around this issue, there are two things you can do. The first is put yourself into training, of sorts, in the run up to your travels -- a little bit of leg work in the gym can go a long way. Second, comfortable shoes! You’ll be more inclined to carry on walking if your feet aren’t telling you that it’s time to stop. Really, shoes that are right for you will be worth their weight in gold! 

Light and Breezy Clothing

Most of us go on adventures during the summer. Yet even if we get warm weather during the summer where we live, when we’re at home it’s not as if we spend all that much time outside during the hottest part of the day. We’re at work, usually, and only spend time outdoors in the evening, when the temperatures are much more agreeable. When you’re exploring, you’ll likely find yourself outside during the hottest part of the day. So it’s important that you dress appropriately, which in the sunshine means clothing that’s light, breezy, and which covers you up (to avoid burning). Before you travel, take a look at adding some women’s tunics to your wardrobe. They’ll be your go-to when you would otherwise be feeling the temperature. 


In the Cool of the Night
Of course, you’ll also want to add an item or two for when things get chilly. There are some places which, due to the climate, can be extremely hot during the day, but then cool as soon as the sun sets. And this unexpected turn sometimes catches people out, to the point where they have to return to their hotel room earlier than planned, all because of the chill. So unless you’re completely confident that a place is going to be warm during the night, throw in clothing that’s a little thicker, just in case. 

Packing Light
Of course, we’re saying all of this about what to pack, but there’s something else we should mention, too: make sure that you’re packing light! Some people go overboard, and try to throw in enough clothing for three different wardrobe changes every day, but while they might look exquisite throughout the vacation, they won’t always be comfortable. Whatever you pack, you need to carry! You might get away with it if you’re just moving from your plane to a resort once, but if you’re doing any level of traveling, then you’ll regret packing so much stuff when you’re dragging heavy luggage through the busy streets.

Sun Safety
There are many reasons why should practice sun safety, but let’s just focus on the comfort aspect. If you don’t, then you’ll run the risk of burn, which, apart from not looking all that attractive, is deeply uncomfortable, especially when you’re trying to sleep. You’ll want to avoid the main heat of the day, and wear sun lotion, too. 

Be Realistic
Finally, remember that you should always expect a little discomfort when you’re traveling. If you understand and accept this, then you’ll be more willing to roll with the punches when those uncomfortable times arrive. There’s nothing that a quick splash of the face can’t fix! 

This is a contributed post.

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