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Why Understanding Today's Information Culture Could Land You A Job

With the explosion in the availability of digital information, many people are looking for ways to put it to good use. Both enterprises and individuals see the value of data and want to apply it to their strategic goals.  At present, though, most don’t have people with the skillset to use it in an actionable way. They need individuals, therefore, who have the skills and training to exploit information at their disposal and put it to good use.  Information has a large number of roles in the economy, as the following infographic points it. It’s valuable for research, the mobile environment, preserving digital assets, and understanding customers. Companies that both collect and use their data will put themselves at a competitive advantage.  The demand, therefore, for people with the skills to evaluate data is going to go up. Positions are becoming available in the academic sector, companies that need project managers, and any organization that needs to curate data. We’re also like