I'm a former blonde who refuses to quit. Born and raised in northern Kentucky (there is a difference) I grew up in a suburb just south of Cincinnati, OH. High school was Catholic and all females. That was interesting. I got my Marketing Degree and International Business Minor from the University of Kentucky (I bleed blue for life!). While there I spent a semester studying abroad in Dijon, France. It was the most amazing experience of my life!

I grew up playing several sports and still love them to this day. I am athletic and super competitive (even in our social kickball league!) I'm a die-hard fan of the Cincinnati Bengals and the UK Wildcats Basketball.

I have a deep love for fried food and carbs. All of them are rescues. Adopt love, people!
Dad always told me I should be a lawyer because I can spin any situation in my favor and talk my way out of everything. Mom always told me I was the kind of person who can fall into a pile of sh*t and come out smelling like a rose. Maybe those two quotes are telling enough...

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